The Cardo SmartSet app turns remote control

The Cardo SmartSet™ app gets full control over scala rider® communication system

Pittsburgh, PA / November 4, 2014 – Cardo Systems is taking a step ahead in the efficient operation of its products via smartphones and tablets. The popular Cardo SmartSet app is now going to include the “Remote Control” option, to allow the scala rider G9x or SHO-1 users not only customize their device but also configure it via a Bluetooth connection to their Andriod smartphone or tablet.

Cardo, as the leading manufacturer of wireless communication systems for motorcyclists, is constantly working to ease the operation of its devices, to let bikers enjoy the latest software developments. The popular Cardo SmartSet app enables bikers to customize the settings of their scala rider G9x, G9 and cardo SHO-1 models from their smartphones and tablets. For instance, the app, they can set and store the radio stations in their built-in FM radio, adjust the sensitivity levels of the VOX (voice controlled operation) for the microphone and the AGC for their speakers.

With the addition of the new Remote Control option, the SmartSet app is going to take full control over the operation of the communication system via the mobile device, as if it is set on the computer. It will be possible to store speed dial numbers or delete them, create, restore or cancel intercom connections, activate the VOX voice connection or disable it, enable or disable Music Sharing™ connection and much more. For now, this new option of the SmartSet app is offered for Android devices to use with Cardo’s scala rider G9x and SHO-1 top models. Cardo will offer this option also for Apple iPhone, iPod and iPad devices and will extend it to some Cardo scala rider models.

To enjoy these remarkable new options of the cardo SmartSet app, G9x and SHO-1owners will only need to update the software of their devices over the Cardo Community web platform and load the new Remote Control option on their phone. The update will be available free of charge on Google Play at: Further assistance to download the Remote Control app, please go to Your feedback is most welcome under