Thank you for your product

Dear Sirs,

My wife and I just returned from Sturgis using your Q2 bike to bike
communications. We were returning from a ride July 31st at 5:30 PM on 44 West 10
miles outside of Rapid City. We were riding on a two lane highway at 65 mph with
my wife riding her new Victory Vegas 3 seconds behind me.
I looked left and saw a white tail doe feeding in the ditch and reported
“Deer left!” No sooner had I said it, the deer looked up startled and
charged across my path. I fullthrottled my Harley Softail and at
anticipated impact….nothing. It missed me! Then I looked in my side view
mirror to see the deer blocking the view of Vicky who was eating up asphalt
at 95 feet per second. At that speed and at that moment I knew I was about
to lose her. Then the deer leapt up, belly over her windscreen and its
rear end contorted in mid-air to her right and it dropped from view! She
appeared like a jet coming out of a cloud!

Start to finish? Maybe 3-4 seconds.

We pulled over to collect ourselves and she said “I hit it. I felt it
thump!” There was no mark on her bike but her windscreen must have
connected on the deer’s lower thigh causing it to twist out of the way
midair. Vicky said that if I hadn’t given her verbal warning through our Q 2s that
she probably wouldn’t have been as prepared to react.

In short your product contributed significantly in saving her life.

Thank you for your product. We have used it extensively and it has greatly
improved our riding experience as well as having proved it’s value for
safety. That is priceless to us.

Please feel free to use this testimony publicly to promote your
unbelievable product. it is the absolutely the least I can do for what it
has done for us.


Steve Stringberg