SCALA RIDER Q2 MultiSet by Jay Florence

You guys have a wonderful product. I have been riding for some 35 years
and your product makes my commute seem effortless!
I borrowed my buddies Q2 multiset with the MP3 and got to try it for a week.
It’s true that I think its about the best product out there for what
it does… the only changes that I would love to see in the next
version would be a small LED window to help you set your pre-set FM stations…
(a little hard without it) and maybe the speakers could stand to be a bit
(maybe an 1/8 inch thicker) so you can use a different driver to deliver a
better dynamic range of sound. The speakers sounded a bit “tinnie” with not
much bass. Otherwise your product is the best on the market. Several of my
friends have the chatterbox and hate the constant problems that they have
experienced. Thank you for time and again… a wonderful product.

Have a wonderful day,


Jay Florence