SCALA RIDER Q2 MultiSet by Bill “Mucho” Wheeler

Dear Mr. Cheek,


My name is Bill Wheeler.I was fortunate enough to be invited to ride 5 KTM Dakar bikes
from Tennessee to Oregon in July of 2009 with 5 friends. We had many sponsorships and donated
items to our cause.  I can tell you from personal experience that the most effective and
useful product that was donated to this ride was the communications that we received from
Scala.  As the person with the most technical background (none) I was chosen as the
communications specialist.  I was given the job to mount all of the Scalas in all 6
helmets, sync communications, teach 5 old farts with less communications skills than me on the
operation and use of said communication system.  For 21 days and nights we travelled
through all types of conditions from dry and dusty to wet and moldy.  Helmets were
abused, dropped and overall mistreated.  Our trail boss had a special test for your
equipment.  He would spit a large chunk of chewing tobacco profusely out of his helmet
into the microphone.  Probably not one of the quality tests you might have run!
On a serious note, the equipment as a safety factor is probably the one single reason
we were all able to cross 4,600 miles of dirt without incident.  We were able to
communicate dangers ahead to riders behind, changes in direction to keep everyone on
course and the Scalas performed flawlessly.


Bill “Mucho” Wheeler