scala rider G4 saves lives

Hello Garth,

as you know my girlfriend and I drove from Ontario to British Columbia on our motorcycles. We were on the road for 16 days and covered 11,000 kms. What a road trip!

I am writing to let you know that if it wasn’t for our G4 communications, my girlfriend and I would both not be here today to tell this story!

We were driving through Alberta, Canada, on the TransCanada Hwy. My girlfriend was riding her motorcycle behind me when an oncoming truck decided to pass on a solid line ahead of me. I was unaware of this, as I was enjoying the beautiful scenery,………………………… she shouted at me to watch out!!!!!

I was able to swerve at the last second. The truck missed me by less than a foot!

Can you imagine the out come if we didn’t have or Communication systems.. both of us would have been killed.

Thanks to her and to our G4


William and Margret