scala rider g4 testimonial - Your product is tough


I thought to share this with you.  Your product is tough.

Yesterday morning, I lost my Scala Rider (my mistake which really annoyed me) on a busy 4 lane highway while on my motorcycle.  In my mirrors, I saw it bounce on the highway, and the car following me ran over it.  Then it bounced on the side of the road. 

Eight hours later, I went to the scene of the mishap, mostly because I was upset with myself and wanted the retrieve it just in case the wheels of the car by chance did not run over it.  Well, they did, but to my surprise, my Scala Rider was still ON and still working.  The casing is damaged for sure, but it still works.

Now I have to figure out how to glue it or tape it back together. 

Here are some pictures.




 Etienne Grégoire