scala rider G9 Testimonial

Being a rider with L’s I decided to do some research on Headsets so my partner could “coach” me through the basic fundamentals of motorcycle riding.  After comprehensive research I decided on the scala rider Headset.

Even down to the easy helmet set up I realised very quickly that having the scala rider would prove to be invaluable. In November 2012 after only approx 20 hrs of riding with L’s my partner and I embarked on a 1500k camping trip around Tasmania Australia.

The scala rider was a lifesaver for me as I travelled behind my partner (45yrs of experienced riding on a Harley). He coached me thru gear changes / road conditions / hill climbs/ how to handle the heavy transport trucks looming up behind me….  Heading into country towns our headset communication proved invaluable as we were both in tune with each other’s movements.

Apart from the communication with each other the mobile and music connection were an asset on our long trek.

I would not hesitate to highly recommend the scala rider as an A Plus invaluable addition to riding ….

Annie, Australia

P.S. The scala rider support team were AMAZING with our initial setup…very helpful/prompt with answers