scala rider Q2 Testimonial

Dear CardoSystems,


                My Dad and I recently started riding together and last year we took a trip a crossed the country. While on this trip, the owner of the Suzuki dealership that we got our bikes from let us borrow his Scala Rider Q2s, and they really helped to make the trip a lot better. To be able to communicate while riding helped us to see things that the other would have missed. At one point while we were in Wyoming, they even helped to save my Dad from crashing when I warned him at the last second about an antelope coming down the hill. He stopped less then a foot from it. We liked them so much that my Dad went out and got me a G4 for my birthday. For Christmas I got my Dad a set of Q2s, as he does not use the radio and bluetooth, so him and his friend would have communicators when we ride.


Thank you for making such a great product.


CJ Law