scala rider Q2 Testimonial

While on a cross country trip from PA and traveling at approximately 70 mph on my 650 V-Strom last summer in Wyoming, my son said over the Q-2 Scala rider  “Dad, watch out”! an antelope had jumped the fence on my right as I was looking to my left; had I not hit the breaks with this warning from my son, I would have hit the antelope dead on. In some states by how by how close we’d come, we’d probably be considered legally married (it was less than a foot). In that one instant, by my son yelling over the Q2 saved my bacon for another day. The Q2 Scala rider communicators saved me from something really bad happening; at the very least, hitting it couldn’t possibly be good for either the antelope much less me. The worst case scenario – well, I don’t want to think about it. Regardless, these devices proved their weight in gold and possibly save my life.