scala rider Q2 MultiSet Pro Testimonial

James is 11 years old and registered blind. He uses the scala rider Q2 MultiSet Pro to ski.

Here are two thank you letters we recieved from him and his mother, Sally.

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James: Thank you for the scala rider. It has helped so much over the past week. We managed to fix it to the helmets and it was very comfortable. We could ski down the mountain without having to shout at the tops of our voices all the way down. My skiing really improved thanks to it and I managed to go down a red run for the first time. I really appreciate your help. Best wishes, James.

Sally: We were so grateful for your company’s generosity in providing us with the headsets. It revolutionized the skiing for us and made it possible for us to ski more than 2m apart and for James to progress beyond a snowplough. He is already a better skier than me!
We had no trouble in fixing the earpieces to the interior of the helmets as the velcro base was simple to fix, remove and reposition when required.
James is going to write an article for the newsletter of the charity for people with albinism as they all tend to have a similar type of visual loss and we think others might be interested in using this type of headset. Many thanks once again. It was a fantastic Christmas present!