cardo BK-1 DUO Testimonial

Hello Cardo!

I finally had a chance to test out the BK-1 Duo I won back around Valentines Day. until now i was only using it for my iPod which has good and bad points but i have some more troubleshooting to do there.
On to my BK-1 experience. WOW! I will admit I honestly had low expectations on the sound quality between 2 riders communicating over Bluetooth. MAN WAS I WRONG!! These ROCK!!

We were out with a group of 12 Mountain Bikers. I had headset 1 and my girlfriend had headset 2. at first the volume seemed a little low until we got moving then the noise cancellation kicked in and i could hear her as if she were right next to me. The Range on the BK-1 was good but due to the Rocky/Forested terrain we were falling way short of the 1/4 mile range. However we were never that far away from each other. it was really effective when we had a rider crash and my girlfriend (who was WAY out of Ear shot and eye site) comes over the BK-1 stating Rider down.

anyway just wanted to say thank you again and this is a bit of tech that will be with me on all my big rides from now on!!!

Wes Comeaux