scala rider G9 Testimonial

Thought I’d take a minute to tell you about my experience with the Scala Rider comm system.  I met up with my life long friend this past weekend to ride and spend time together.  To make this weekend even more fun, Doug purchased the Cardo Powerset which consists of two units.  We spent the evening installing them and going through the learning curve so that we could use them the next day, which we did, and all I can say is ‘amazing’.  If you are like me, your bike IS you main form of transportation, these are a must have.  The sound quality is not to be believed.  Even with shields open at 90mph, the only thing you hear is your buddy’s voice – loud and clear and without any other noise – no road, no engine and no wind sound at all.  Long story short, we spent the weekend riding together and talking to one another as if we were home sitting at the table together.  It enhanced that whole riding experience 10 fold.I don’t have the time at the moment to go into all the details (I will elaborate later) but the features I have used thus far are as follows:

Voice commands – almost everything can be done hands free

Intercomm – simple and easy to use

Smart phone pairing – easy to pair and use.  I can answer and make calls easily.  The units have a priority list that can be configured which means I can listen to music from my phone, get an incoming call that automatically pauses the music, finish the call and automatically resume the music.  Same with using the voice navigation on my android phone.  Fantastic.

FM radio – you can have up to 6 presets, or, if touring, use the automatic ‘find’ feature that will temporarily store the first 6 stations the unit finds, or, you can grab the next 6 stations by repeating the process.

Automatic gain control – all features have separate volume levels and all levels are controlled by AGC, which means the faster I go, the louder the noise, the higher the volume is automatically increased,  and vice versa when slowing down.

Intercomm to phone – I can call a buddy using the intercomm and if he is not in range, will automatically call him using the phone.

Phone call sound quality – perfect.  Flawless.

Battery life – we spent a solid 14 hours with the units on and had power left at the end of the day.

Flexibility – the units come with a variety of installation options including different mic and speaker configurations as well as mounting accessories.

In short, I cannot say enough about the quality of the units.  If you are interested in buying a comm system for yourself, I would recommend looking into the Scala Rider.

Ride safe