cardo BK-1 empowers cyclists with intercom options

cardo BK-1® empowers cyclists with new intercom connectivity options

Chosen by top cyclists for the Race Across America 2013

Whether riding alone or in a group, through mountains or on roads, cyclists are at a disadvantage when it comes to communication. To talk to fellow cyclists, they need to either raise their voices, turn their heads or even stop. If they wish to answer incoming mobile calls or even just listen to stereo music, cyclists have to compromise their safety and convenience.

Now, the cardo BK-1 changes all of this opening up new Bluetooth® communication options for cyclists. With the cardo BK-1, 5 cyclists can be engaged in full-duplex one-on-one intercom communication for a distance of up to 1600ft / 500m apart and 3 cyclists can converse in an intercom conference mode for the same distance.

Cyclists can also use the system to connect wirelessly to their Bluetooth®-enabled mobile phone, GPS navigation system or MP3 player (via A2DP or cable connected). They can make, receive or reject mobile phone calls via voice command, without removing their hands from the handlebars. Additionally, they can listen to their favorite tunes and receive in-ear GPS navigation instructions easily and safely while cycling. cardo BK-1 users can also upgrade the unit’s software via their computer (PC/Mac) on the unique Cardo Community® platform.

With a sleek, lightweight (under 50g) design, the cardo BK-1 is suitable for virtually all bicycle helmets. To assure cyclists stay aware of surrounding noises, high-end hovering speakers that do not touch the ears and a flexible noise-cancelling microphone were created, delivering excellent audio quality and providing maximum comfort. Its unique design that assures comfort of use and safety, granted the cardo BK-1 system the prestigious “red-dot” 2013 design award.

“The cardo BK-1 opens up a new world of communication and entertainment possibilities for cyclists,” said Cardo’s CEO Abraham Glezerman. “Since Cardo Systems has pioneered communication technology for motorcycle and snowmobile helmets, cyclists can benefit from this unique experience and use our cardo BK-1 with confidence, knowing that the technology and design have been perfected in the harshest environments.”

The cardo BK-1 was created for all cyclists – road, triathletes, mountain, commuters, and casual riders. The system is fully waterproof and dustproof (IP67) making it suitable for all cycling conditions. It has been chosen by leading cyclists as their communication system during the Race Across America (June 2013) – world’s toughest bicycle race.

The cardo BK-1 is available at select distributors, retail outlets and specialty shops. For further information about the cardo BK-1 visit

About Cardo Systems, Inc.
Cardo Systems, Inc., headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA, has specialized in the design, development, manufacturing and sale of state-of-the-art communication and entertainment systems for motorcycle helmets since 2003. In 2011, Cardo revealed the cardo BK-1, world’s first communication and entertainment system for cyclists. Cardo has pioneered the majority of the most useful and enjoyable innovations for Bluetooth motorcycle, snowmobile and bicycle headsets. The company’s scala rider® line of communication systems, now available in over 60 countries, is the world’s best-selling Bluetooth system for the motorcycle industry.