A Winter rally in Estonia for mud-lovers with cardo’s scala rider

Argo, an enthusiastic cardo scala rider user from way back, participated in the Estonian 2014 winter rally and had an interesting tale to tell, not to mention some fabulous photos…

It is the Estonian annual old-timers winter-rally (old-timers referring to the transport, not the riders of courseJ). Despite the rally part of the name, speed is hardly the most important factor of the event. The event takes place on open roads with street-legal 25+ year old iron and it is mandatory to follow traffic laws. During the rally, participants must follow the legend, keep precise average speed and solve a crossword puzzle. The winning crew is the one that has solved the crossword and received the least number of penalty points. “Rally” distance is approximately 300 km, much more if you get lost and the distance to and from home should be accounted for. In 2013, Argo covered over 700 km in total. He reported that during the first two times, he participated with his Russian IZH-56 motorcycle from 1957 but it was rather impossible to read the legend and do the crossword. In 2010, he leant out a few G4 devices to another crew – driver and passenger who read the legend on another sidecar motorcycle. “Teaming up and having full time intercom with them was a major improvement. I finished the rally last place, which was also 3rd place since there were only 3 motorcycles.”


Following that, Argo built a “brand new” motorcycle for the event from 25+ year old motorcycle and car parts, still eligible to participate.

It took 2 years to plan, design and weld together but the end-result was worth it. M-F (as it was nicknamed) passed through all pressure-tests in flying colors, including: carrying 13 people from point A to B, jumping on the motocross tracks and beating cars on a frozen lake.



In the 2012 Rally, Argo participated with his wife sitting in the sidecar both using their cardo scala rider G4 Powerset. In the 2013 and 2014 Rallies, they used their cardo scala rider G9 Powerset with the good-old cardo scala rider G4 audio kit since it was fixed onto the helmet. “Both scala rider G4 and the scala rider G9 worked perfectly in all weather conditions and we really loved using them. Without the full-duplex intercom my wife is unwilling to join any ride with me, not to mention the winter rally where it is really irreplaceable – I can jump off the motorcycle to run into some checkpoints and we can keep on the conversation. It saved a lot of time as my wife finished the crossword by the time I arrived back and we started off immediately.” The weather conditions vary from year to year from a low of -15C with snowstorm up to sunny above zero C degrees. Actually warmer weather can be harder to cope with as there are no windscreen wipers on the helmet and the legend/crossword gets much more damaged while wet. “Next year we plan to include the cardo SHO-1 and scala rider Q1 as we have them mounted already on our helmets.” Click Here to view the full Image gallery