Cardo SMARTH™ – The first motorcycle communication system with DMC™ technology for HJC helmets

(Pittsburgh, PA – October 3rd, 2016)

The new Cardo SMARTH is the first ever motorcycle communication system especially designed for and recommended by HJC helmets, and features Cardo’s revolutionary DMC technology for ultimate group riding.


Since introducing the ground-breaking DMC technology (Dynamic Meshwork Communication) in its flagship products – scala rider PACKTALK and SMARTPACK, Cardo has revolutionized group communication for bikers. DMC connects each member of a group to every other biker, and unlike the linear connection of Bluetooth based intercoms, DMC is a self-adjusting network: the connection between the group members remains uninterrupted even when a rider within the group changes position, or even leaves the group.

Now, this innovative technology has been implemented into the cardo SMARTH communication system which is especially designed for HJC helmets. In DMC mode, the cardo SMARTH enables intercom conversations between up to four riders at a range of up to 3.6 km*. In addition to the DMC intercom mode, the cardo SMARTH can be used to conduct Bluetooth intercom conversations with other Bluetooth based products. Thanks to the Cardo Gateway feature, cardo SMARTH can connect to intercom conversations even with non-Cardo brand headsets. In Bluetooth mode, the intercom allows conferencing between four participants and toggling between nine individual riders at a range of up to 1.2 km bike-to-bike. Click-to-Link® is also featured for spontaneous intercom conversations with nearby Cardo devices and requires no pre-pairing.

The unique design of the cardo SMARTH consists of two separate units: an ultra-slim and aerodynamic control unit with a large touch panel for easy operation. The back unit fits seamlessly into the helmet’s neck-guard and is almost invisible from the outside. Thanks to its modular design, the cardo SMARTH can be installed on a large range of HJC helmets in a few minutes without using tools.

In addition, the cardo SMARTH contains an integrated FM radio with RDS, six station pre-sets and a smart auto scan. Equipped with new features that are only available in the Cardo product line, in the FM Radio Sharing mode, two riders can now share the same FM radio station even when riding at large distances apart. With the Music Sharing feature, the rider and passenger can share streaming music supported by A2DP technology. With the new 40 mm ultra-thin HD stereo speakers, the sound is crystal-clear.

Thanks to the intuitive multilingual voice assisted menus, controlling and customizing the cardo SMARTH from the unit’s panel is extremely easy to do. The system is equipped with customizable Voice Control (VOX) for receiving or rejecting calls. The customizable AGC technology will automatically self-adjust the volume according to the riding speed and the ambient noise.
With two Bluetooth channels available, it’s a breeze to connect the cardo SMARTH to your mobile phone, GPS device or to any music source for wireless A2DP stereo. With Cardo’s Parallel Audio Streaming, music and FM radio are muted during phone conversations, returning automatically when the conversation ends. In the intercom mode and during GPS instructions, music will continue to play quietly in the background.

Cardo’s SmartSet App is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. Configuring the device settings, pre-setting radio stations as well as controlling the device from the smartphone is intuitive and straightforward to do. Before hitting the road, the Cardo Community online platform offers software upgrades and setting customization of the device from the comfort of your home. The cardo SMARTH is waterproof and dustproof (IP67).

* Range dependent on riding environment