Cardo BK-1 in the Race Around Ireland

The cardo BK-1 continues to prove its worth, this time at the service of Edi Fuchs, the winner of 2014 Race Around Ireland, one of the toughest cycling challenges in Europe.


Eduard Fuchs, the 39 year old ultra-cyclist, came first place solo in the Race Around Ireland which he finished in 101 hours and 11 minutes, also awarding him the UMCA European Championship. Fuchs – an experienced cyclist, has participated in many such races in the past, but this was the first time for him competing while using Cardo’s BK-1 intercom system, enabling him to stay in touch with his support crew.

The Race Around Ireland is one of the most challenging bike races in the world. Unlike other cycling races such as the RÁS or the Tour de France, the course is not cordoned off, nor are there police officers controlling the traffic. Also there are no planned rest stops or stages in this event. Once the race begins, it doesn’t end until each rider reaches the finish line.

Each rider must maintain their own support team and vehicles. It’s the team’s responsibility to provide the cyclist with food, clothing, medical care, navigation and here is where the advantages of using the BK-1 come into play.

Edi: “With the Cardo BK-1, I had a perfect connection to my pace car throughout the entire race. For me, optimum communication means a trouble-free race. And that means gaining time! Due to its light weight you don’t notice the BK-1 at all. Even the headset is un-obtrusive and works at incredibly large distances.”

The cardo BK-1 and the BK-1 Duo are ground breaking products in the field of Bluetooth communication and wireless intercom systems, providing a competitor in such a race with voice activated, 2 and 3-way bike-to-bike intercom at a range of up to 1,640 feet /500 m, allowing him to easily carry on a conversation with his support team. The BK-1’s key features; lightweight, slim, floating speakers, excellent stereo audio quality, waterproof and dustproof, noise-canceling microphone, reduced wind noise and digitally-enhanced voice clarity make it the perfect choice for such a challenge.