What is DMC Technology?

Imagine a gathering of friends, telling jokes, listening to music, having a great time.

Now add the open road to that…


That’s what DMC is all about!


DMC is a self-adaptive network that will keep you constantly connected to your fellow riders.

A few of you might take a turn down a side road or stop to fill up.

Just keep on riding and you’ll effortlessly reconnect to the group once back in range. No need to press any buttons!

Everyone is always connected to everyone else.


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DMC™ is the only wireless technology for large groups of riders (up to 15) that maintains spontaneous and uninterrupted full-duplex intercom conversations, irrespective of rapid changes in the physical position of each rider in the group. The dynamic, auto-adaptive mesh technology seamlessly works to overcome any disruptions within split seconds, even if one or more participants venture out of range or drop off for any reason. These remarkable benefits become apparent even in a small group of three riders. In DMC mode, each rider acts as an autonomous hub that maintains simultaneous and independent communication links with each of the other members in the group, operating in a mesh network of riders. Whenever a rider cannot directly connect with group members beyond his intercom reach, it will re-adjust within split seconds and re-connect to the most suitable other group member in order to ‘leapfrog’ to the remote rider. Group communication, from three users or more, has no equal in the world of consumer electronics, let alone in the motorcycle industry.