INTRODUCING scala rider FREECOM Series Bluetooth® Intercom Communication Systems

Offering superior performance and essential functions for all types of riders, the scala rider FREECOM series includes 3 exciting new products that are among the newest products from Cardo Systems. The FREECOM series Bluetooth communication systems for motorcycle riders address the various types of needs for all different types of riders and features a sleek and aerodynamic new design that it is easy-to-use and suitable for virtually all helmet types.

If your journey is a solo path, the FREECOM 1 is the perfect partner to ride with.



The scala rider FREECOM 1 Bluetooth® communication system was designed to offer sole riders both superior performance and a complete array of essential functions for today’s riders, whether you ride your motorcycle avidly every day or on the weekends as a favorite pastime.

The scala rider FREECOM 2 Bluetooth® communication system was designed for riders who tour as a couple or travel alone.



It is the perfect solution for a rider and passenger who appreciate staying connected, listening to music, receiving GPS navigation instructions or simply pointing out interesting sites along the way, without using sign language or yelling in order to be heard.

The scala rider FREECOM 4 Bluetooth® communication system can be a great way to experience the open when riding with a group of friends.



The FREECOM 4 will allow you to conduct Bike-to-Bike conversations between 4 riders at a range of up to 1.2 km (range dependent on riding environment ). Equipped with 2 Bluetooth® channels, users will enjoy the multiple connectivity options that the scala rider FREECOM 4 communication system has to offer!

With cutting-edge technology on board, these reliable scala rider FREECOM Series devices do it all!

new-scala-rider-freecom-series-1The FREECOM is both waterproof and dustproof (IP67), suitable for riding in all weather conditions. The new 40 mm ultra-thin HD stereo speakers guarantee the sound is crystal-clear, further improved by AGC technology with automatic volume adjustment according to background noises as well as software upgrades and additional options for configuring your device settings from the comfort of home.


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