scala rider G9x Used For Wingsuit Flying



It’s no secret that Cardo’s Bluetooth communication systems are not only used by motorcyclists or bicycle riders. Over the years we have received many pictures and stories from customers who use the devices to communicate while riding on horses, skiing or even speed boating. But, when Ellen Brennan told us she uses the scala rider G9x when she goes wingsuit flying, we were truly amazed!


Apparently, one of the scariest things about wingsuit flying in a group is that you never know what the other person is about to do. They may get spooked and make a quick turn, or do something that could put fellow wingsuit flying divers in danger.  Our Bluetooth communication systems are especially designed to perform within noisy and challenging environments which is why Ellen thought they might be suitable for wingsuit flying too.

Ellen: “Even though the scala rider G9x is designed for motorcycle riding, I could draw many similarities between riding and flying. Everything is moving at a fast pace, in close proximity, and any individual’s small mistake could become a disaster for the group.”

Speed was Ellen’s biggest concern. Would the scala rider G9x work when flying at an immense speed of 160 km per hour? Ellen decided to give it a go as she had nothing to lose. Guess what? It worked perfectly!

Ellen: “My teammate and I were thrilled with how easy it was to mount the scala rider G9x, and how small it is! It fit easily to the rear of our helmets, and with its slim profile we had little concern for potential snag points or airflow disruption. When wingsuit BASE jumping, I assess any additional equipment to determine if it is a safety hazard. I had no worries with the scala rider G9x.

Using the G9x while wingsuit flying, Ellen hoped it would be useful for her to communicate with her teammates so that they could give each other commands at real-time. For example, using the G9x they could tell each other when to slow down or when it’s safe to open their parachute (always a dangerous moment with wingsuit flying in groups). The G9x made Ellen feel safe and stress-free as if she had eyes at the back of her head.

Ellen: “It is amazing to look over and see another person flying right next to me and not be afraid. The headsets took away all of the fear. No guess work, no stress. Safe.”

According to Ellen, the scala rider G9x has changed the world of wingsuit BASE: “Communicating with other fliers while flying as a flock down the Jungfrau is a memory I will never forget.  It’s amazing to be able to talk with another wingsuiters while flying down a beautiful mountain at 160 kph.  This is a huge innovation in the sport of wingsuit flying, and a key tool when making long technical flights as a flock. This summer I will be using the scala rider G9x to communicate with my team while I attempt to make a world speed record somewhere in the high mountains!”

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