5 Best Gifts for Someone Who Likes to Ski

5 Best Gifts for Someone Who Likes to Ski

Bluetooth Headset

Communicating while skiing is easier said than done. Most people can’t hear each other over the sound of the wind, especially when they’re racing down the side of a mountain. But your winter athlete will appreciate being able to strike up a conversation midway through their run. They will need to use ski helmet accessories to wirelessly connect to their companions or their smartphone for hands-free communication. It’s perfect for listening to music, communicating with your friends on the slopes, or calling for help in an emergency.

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The Packtalk Outdoor is the best Bluetooth ski headset money can buy. It lets them connect to a large group of other skiers at the same time and will automatically reconnect when they are within range of one another. Unlike most headsets, it creates a dynamic link between them and everyone else in the group for more robust connections and better conversation on the trail.

Use the Packtalk Outdoor to Stay Connected on the Slopes

Smartphone Harness

Without a Bluetooth headset, they will need to take out their phone every time they want to send a message, look at the map or change to a new song. That can be a recipe for disaster when there’s snow on the ground. Buy them a durable smartphone harness that attaches to their sleeve so they don’t have to worry about the phone slipping out of their hands. It’s sure to bring peace of mind to even the clumsiest of skiers.

Touchscreen Gloves

There will always be a moment where they need to pull their phone out of their pocket. There are some things a wireless headset can convey with words. But many ski gloves are not compatible with touchscreen devices, which means they’ll need to take their gloves off to use the device. Exposing any amount of skin to sub-zero weather is never a good idea – even if it’s only for a few seconds at a time.

Get them a special pair of touchscreen gloves that work with all types of digital devices. They may need to wear them underneath another pair if the weather demands multiple layers. Make sure they are waterproof to prevent moisture from ruining their trip.

Find the Perfect Helmet Communication Device for the Skier in Your Life

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All that time on the slopes can leave their skin feeling rough, dry and cracked. They’ll need to put on plenty of sunscreen if any part of their skin is exposed, considering a 3,000 ft. increase in altitude increases the strength of UV rays by 10-12 percent. Face masks and hair coverings will help block the wind and keep their face and head warm. You can also buy them a special bottle of ski cream, designed specifically for those who love the snow. It reduces irritation and shields the surface of the skin with a protective, nourishing layer.

Epic Snow Pass

True ski lovers will do just about anything to visit some of the best lodges and trails in the country, but all that traveling can put a dent in their savings. If they have the time to make multiple trips in a year, buy them the Epic All-Season Pass. It gets them into the park for free, plus 20 percent off food, lodging, lessons, rentals and more at participating lodges and resorts. Some of the most famous locations all subscribe to Epic, so they shouldn’t have any trouble getting a discount. It’s a great way to encourage them to see the world.

There are so many ways to celebrate the skier in your life this holiday season. Keep these gift ideas in mind to make it the best winter yet.