5 Great Gifts for Dirt Bike Riders

5 Great Gifts for Dirt Bike Riders

Bluetooth Headset

One of the best parts of riding a dirt bike is sharing the experience with other riders. That’s why everyone on the trail should use a Bluetooth motorcycle headset that lets them communicate hands-free while driving. The device connects wirelessly to the driver’s phone, GPS, and radio. Now, they can listen to music, start a conversation, or look up directions without taking their eyes off the road. Additionally, its more efficient to use when calling for help in case of an emergency. Its essential to use a Bluetooth communication device that works with their existing helmet. For instance, if they are using a half-face helmet, they will need a half helmet Bluetooth headset with an adjustable mic that positions the receiver close to their mouth.

Stay Connected on the Trail with a Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset

Hydration on the Go

Staying hydrated is a must on the trail, but most riders have to pull over to drink, which can leave them dehydrated when driving for hours on end. Dehydration can negatively affect rider performance and increases the chance of accidents. Experts recommend drinking between eight and 10 ounces of water or an electrolyte drink every 15 minutes. So, how are you going to get them to stay hydrated on the trail? Physically reaching for a water bottle is unsafe unless the driver comes to a complete stop. Therefore, the best option is to suit them up with a hydration pack they can wear over their regular riding cloths. This allows them to take a drink of water without taking their hands off the handlebars. The straw remains close to their mouth without inhibiting their range of motion.

Hand Guards

The hands are the only way to control the dirt bike, which is why wearing gloves is an absolute must. However, their gloves may not be enough to protect their hands from the elements. That’s why the pros install hand guards over the handlebars! The aluminum covering shields their hands from dirt, mud and flying debris that can leave their gear ratty and torn.

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Extra Fuel Tank

The average fuel tank on a dirt bike can only hold around one gallon of gas. That’s enough for about 20 to 60 miles of continuous riding. If the rider in your life loves to explore the natural world and frequently needs to refuel, get them an auxiliary fuel tank to help them keep the good times going!

Lots of riders prefer to carry their own fuel with them because they’re afraid of getting stranded in the middle of nowhere. In many cases, it can be extremely inconvenient for riders since there are no gas stations in the wilderness. Its recommended to get them portable fuel bottles to ensure they have enough fuel and wont get stranded. (Just make sure they keep it separate from their regular water bottle).

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Buy a Bluetooth Motorcycle Headset for the Dirt Bike Lover in Your Life

Tie Downs

Dirt bikes aren’t street legal, which means they will need to put their bike in another vehicle and drive their car to the riding area. Transporting the dirt bike can be a big operation. They will need quality tie downs to secure the bike to the truck bed. You can also buy them locking tie downs that can be used to secure the bike to the car overnight, thus preventing theft. Its essential to make sure they are secure, durable enough to withstand turbulence, and able to manage everyday wear and tear.

Dirt bike riding is a way of life for millions of people. There are so many items to try out on the trail. Keep these accessories in mind to help the dirt bike rider in your life make the most of their time in the sun!