Get ready for the new motorcycle riding season

Get ready for the new motorcycle riding season

Check your gear

Your riding gear is an essential piece of safety kit. Let’s start with the helmet and work our way down to the boots to make sure your kit is still in perfect condition.

Helmets are an especially important piece, and they need some special attention. Make sure your helmet fits snugly. A helmet that is too wide will not give optimal protection. Make sure the helmet doesn’t have any cracks and is undamaged so that you have clear visibility through your visor.

Don’t forget to give some love to your Cardo Bluetooth communicator as well. Re-fuel your current unit or use this time to upgrade to the latest Cardo models. Update your communicator to the latest software version and ensure your smartphone has the latest version of the Cardo Connect App.

Pair your phone with the Cardo unit and check the functionality of the microphone and speakers. When all works well you are ready to stream your favorite music, answer calls, hear your GPS and talk to your friends on the road.

Check out our handy step-to-step guide to make sure your Cardo unit is up to speed for the new season.

When trying on your motorcycle suit make sure it is not too big or too tight. A good-fitting suit with protection pieces on the right spot is crucial for rider safety. Prepare your riding outfit so it’s water repellent and revitalizes your suit breathability. Wearing leather while riding? We’ve got you covered: don’t forget to grease the leather before riding to vitalize and protect your leather. The same tips work for gloves and boots.

Make your bike ride-proof

During the winter months, your bike has probably been collecting dust, and in order to make sure it is in top-notch condition, it’s time to take care of it. A place to start is your tires, making sure that they are still in good condition and that the tire pressure is up to standard. You can find the best pressure for your bike in your manual or printed on the swingarm or rear chain sprocket.

See if all the lights are still working properly and feel the brake pressure when the front and rear brakes are applied. Check the brake fluid level in the reservoir and ensure the oil levels are up to standard.

A quick glance at the suspension should confirm that they aren’t leaking or showing damage. Make sure your chain has the right amount of clearance (usually between 2 – 3 cm) and don’t forget to lubricate the chain after the first ride when it is still warm. If you got a bike with a cardan, you could check the rear wheel for excessive play in the wheel.

A safe ride

When it is finally time to start riding again, it is important to start with caution. After a few months of not riding, it can take time to get back into the groove. Don’t be overconfident and start relaxed. It is important to rebuild your riding skills, so make a small round in a familiar area to get used to your motorcycle and ride on two wheels again.

Pay close attention to the asphalt. Winter weather changes the asphalt, and cracks and holes might appear. Road repairs will happen more frequently, meaning you need to keep an eye on loose rocks and stones.

Other road users might need some time to get used to more motorcyclists on the road as well. For your own safety, give them some time to adapt and keep enough distance and make sure you are visible.

After the winter break, you must get used to your bike, the asphalt, and the other users on the road. That shouldn’t stop you from enjoying every second of riding your bike and creating memories. Of course, with your Cardo unit always there with you on your helmet!