9 Must-Have Motorcycle Touring Accessories

9 Must-Have Motorcycle Touring Accessories

Motorcycle touring is a great way to travel on a budget. With the right gear and accessories, you can explore all kinds of destinations for as little as $130 to $170 a day. But you will need to make a few adjustments to your bike before you head out on the road. Stock up on these must-have motorcycle touring accessories to make the most of your trip!

1. Safety Essentials

Every trip, regardless of the length, begins with wearing the proper motorcycle riding gear, including a full-face helmet or half-face helmet with goggles, riding gloves and boots. Wear durable moisture-wicking clothing that covers your arms and legs, including comfortable pants and a long-sleeved shirt. Bring waterproof clothing to prepare for unexpected rainstorms.

2. Phone/GPS Mount

You need to be able to navigate the road without putting yourself in danger. Attach your phone or GPS unit to the handlebars of your motorcycle to keep your route in view while riding so you don’t have to look down to get directions.

3. Wireless Bluetooth Headset

It’s dangerous to physically interact with your phone or GPS while riding even with your phone or GPS mounted to the handlebars. Use a motorcycle helmet Bluetooth headset to wirelessly connect to your device using voice recognition. Just speak into the headset to issue a command without taking your hands off the handlebars.

It’s perfect for riding with a companion and groups large and small. The headset will automatically connect to anyone in your group when in range, so you don’t have to reset the device. Find a headset with quality JBL helmet speakers to hear everything your companions say. You can also listen to music or a podcast without blocking the sound of the road.

Use a Motorcycle Helmet with Bluetooth to Stay in Touch

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4. Luggage Bag

You will need to find a way to make space for everything you need to live on the road for an extended period of time on your motorcycle. Attach a piece of motorcycle luggage or a strap-on carrying case to increase your storage space. You can use an expandable luggage net to keep bulky bags securely attached to the back of your bike.

5. Motorcycle Lock

Keep your motorcycle safe when it’s not in use with a motorcycle lock to give yourself peace of mind when you’re not riding. You can use a cable or chain lock to attach your bike to structures. Park in secure, well-lit areas where your bike will be less likely to be stolen.

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6. Repair Kit

Make sure your motorcycle is up to the task at hand before you depart. Spend time tuning up the bike instead of waiting for it to break down on the road. Even the best bikes are known to fail during long trips. Bring along a multi-tool, a patch kit and anything else you might need to fix issues on the go.

7. Head Lamp

If you plan on riding at night, attach an LED headlamp to your helmet to help you see in the dark.

8. Paper Maps

Getting lost is inevitable when exploring new areas on a motorcycle. It’s all part of the adventure. But you should have a backup plan in case your phone or GPS loses service. Keep paper maps of the area on hand to find your way home in an emergency. Pull over to the side of the road before opening the map. If you feel yourself getting lost, coordinate with your crew in real-time to keep everyone on the same page.

9. First Aid Kit

Injuries, aches and pains can happen when you’re spending hours on the road. You never know when you might need to pull over due to a headache, nausea or sore tuchus. Bring along a pack of over-the-counter medications, sunscreen, gauze and Neosporin in case you get hurt. If you’re camping or hiking, use bug spray to keep Mother Nature at bay.

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The road trip of a lifetime is waiting! There’s no telling how far you’ll go when you have these motorcycle touring accessories in tow. Use this packing checklist to prepare for anything that comes your way.