5 Reasons to Book Guided ATV Tours

5 Reasons to Book Guided ATV Tours

If you’re going to rent an ATV, you might as well go on a guided tour, especially if you’re new to the sport. Renting an ATV helps you get in and out of the park faster by saving you from lugging around a bunch of heavy equipment. But having a guide show you around the park (and your vehicle) will make the experience that much more rewarding. The market for ATV rentals and tours is booming as people look for more ways to get outside, and lots of parks are coming up with creative riding experiences to bring in new members of the community.

What to Expect from a Guided ATV Tour

The experience all depends on the park and who’s leading the tour. The guide will dole out tips and information about the local environment as you navigate the trail in a group. Most parks use off-road communication to keep in touch with everyone in the group. The device fits seamlessly onto your helmet, so you can talk hands-free with the guide or your companions while you ride. Consider bringing your own wireless headset if you don’t plan on renting an ATV. Shouting over the sound of your vehicle usually isn’t an option during the trip. The host will make sure your equipment is ready to use before you depart, but you can also use ATV hand signals to ask for help if you run into technical issues.

Use Off-Road Communication to Stay Connected

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You don’t have to be a newbie to sign up. Some places are happy to accommodate your needs based on your riding experience. Talk to the staff to see if the tour is suited to your interests and riding style.

Why You Should Book ATV Riding Tours

Here are some of the best reasons to book a guided ATV tour instead of trying to go it alone.

Learn the Lay of the Land

Every park presents opportunities and challenges. Book a guided tour to hear from someone who’s seen and done it all, even if you consider yourself a seasoned off-roader. The guide will point out potential pitfalls and hazards that often take visitors by surprise, so you can avoid these mistakes like the locals. If you’re new to riding, the staff will help you adjust your riding style based on the terrain.

Go Beyond the Trail

Riding to and from your destination is only part of the experience. Most guides offer interesting facts about the history of the land or information about local plants and animals. The park is and has been home to a vast number of inhabitants long before it became an ATV trail. Not hearing these stories means missing out on half the fun.

Find the Best Spots

The map of the park will only tell you so much. Nothing compares to learning from someone who’s traversed every inch of the terrain. The guide will point out the best places to enjoy all kinds of activities, including ATVing, fishing and watching wildlife in their natural habitat. If you don’t have time to do it all, talk to the pros to get help prioritizing your activities for the day.

Bring the Whole Family Together

Most ATV riding tours are suitable for riders of all ages and experience levels, which is perfect for bringing large groups of people together. The headsets make it easy to enjoy each other’s company even when riding apart.

Ride with More Peace of Mind

You can rest assured that you are doing everything right when there is a professional looking after you and your party every step of the way. The guide will help you find the right ATV riding gear and answer your questions in real time during the trip to help you feel more confident in your abilities.

The Ultimate Guide to ATV Riding Gear

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Going on a guided tour guarantees a good time regardless of why you’re visiting or how long you’ve been riding. It helps you get to know the area in a short amount of time without taking up too much of your day. You can always explore on your own once you get back to the base.

Sign up for a guided tour the next time you visit an ATV trail system to get access to helpful information from an expert.