Things to Look for in a Motorcycle Intercom Set

Things to Look for in a Motorcycle Intercom Set

If you’re heading out on your motorcycle, you should consider wearing a motorcycle intercom. These compact devices are designed to attach to your helmet, so you can coordinate with other riders on the road. Whether you’re traveling with a group or need to call home without hoping on and off your motorcycle, find a motorcycle Bluetooth headset that will serve you well on the road.


It’s important to use a wireless motorcycle intercom on the road. Having wires hang down from your helmet can get you into trouble. They may block your view of the road or limit your range of motion. The wire can also get disconnected, which means you’ll have to reattach it by hand.

Wireless communication devices help you stay focused on the road. You don’t have to worry about something falling out of place or dangling in front of your eyes. When choosing a wireless intercom, we suggest using Bluetooth wireless technology.

Bluetooth can transfer data wirelessly across short distances. Most Bluetooth devices have a connectivity range of about 30 feet. It gets even shorter when there are obstacles in the way, such as a tree or wall.

That’s why we recommend using what’s known as dynamic mesh communication (DMC). Instead of linking riders in a single chain, the system creates a direct link between every rider in the group. This makes the entire chain more flexible. If one rider leaves the group, everyone will still be able to talk to each other hands-free.

To connect your phone to the intercom, you’ll need to visit the Bluetooth Settings on your phone. The device may also come with a separate app that you can install to remotely control your phone while riding.

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Things can get messy when riding on the road, and your wireless communication equipment needs to be up for the job. The intercom should be completely waterproof and able to withstand some wear and tear. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t treat the device with care, but you shouldn’t have to worry about it breaking down when the going gets tough.

Battery Life

The battery on the device should be able to last the duration of your average trip. Consider how long you tend to ride without stopping. It’s best to use an intercom that will last at least 10 hours or more, especially if you like to take long road trips.

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Quality Audio

The intercom should produce clear audio, otherwise there’s no point in talking on your motorcycle. There’s nothing worse than trying to decode someone’s gibberish while dodging traffic. If you want to listen to music, find motorcycle helmet speakers that are designed for easy listening. For example, JBL speakers are known for their superior quality across any style of music, including excellent balancing, pitch, and bass. It’s your music the way you want to hear it.

Voice Recognition

You won’t be able to physically touch the device while riding. If you do, you could easily get into an accident. That’s why it’s best to use an intercom that recognizes your voice. You should be able to use verbal commands to access the features of your phone instead of manually tapping the device.

The device should be easy to use, so you can stay focused on what’s happening around you. It should also be able to recognize your voice when you’re riding at peak speeds. Most motorcycles can make a lot of noise when they accelerate.

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Performance on the Road

At the end of the day, the device should help you feel safe while you ride. You should be able to reach your loved ones, fellow riders, or the proper authorities in case of an emergency. There’s no point traveling as a group if you can’t talk to each other in real-time. The intercom shouldn’t be bulky or overly complicated or it could be more trouble than it’s worth.

Read online reviews from motorcycle riders that know what to look for in a device. The retailer or manufacturer should have a history of making products that live up to industry standards.