Freecom 4/2/1 Release Notes

Release notes 3.6

  • Enjoy listening to music or navigation while talking through your Bluetooth intercom? Now this premium PACKTALK feature is open in all FREECOM devices and with all mobile platforms. Go update your Cardo Connect app and activate ‘Audio Mixing’ in the ‘Audio Settings’.
  • A premium feature from the FREECOM4+: Now all FREECOM units can listen to the built-in FM radio when connected to a motorcycle TFT screen.
  • We’ve caught some Bugs on our visor and had them cleaned off.

    Release notes 3.2

    • If you are using an Android mobile phone and the Spotify digital music App, you may have experienced some issues playing or stopping your music. We wanted to let you know that we have fixed this issue, so you can go back to enjoying your music while you ride.

    Release notes 3.1

    • To all the lucky riders who love their sound quality and have decided to purchase the 45mm Audio Set, Sound by JBL you can now activate the JBL experience using the Cardo Connect App. Enjoy your new speakers!
    • Bug fixes in music playing via a few models of mobile devices, so that everyone could enjoy the best audio quality, listening to their music.
    • Did you ever get to change the system announce volume by mistake on standby mode? That was a bit confusing, right? We decided to cancel that option to avoid confusion. You can easily change the system volume settings, by simply using the "Cardo Connect" App.
    • You can now easily choose your language, using the "Cardo Connect" App. No need to use the community or choose regions anymore.
    • Our Unit will now be politer to our Japanese riders and will say "Sayonara," rather than “goodbye.”
    • Like always, some more bug fixes that will make your riding experience even better.

    Cardo Community page used for the Software update is currently not compatible with Safari browser.
    Please use one of these supported browsers; Chrome, FireFox, and Edge browsers are supported.

    Release notes 2.2

    • Version 2.2 enables to take full advantage of motorcycle infotainment systems and GPS devices.*

    This new feature will allow you to use your bike’s infotainment system (Such as BMW’s TFT and similar systems) or a 3rd party GPS device, as a connecting platform between the phone and your Cardo unit.

    *Actual performance may differ from system to system

    • Improved phone call sound quality for iOS devices with version 11.2.5 and up.
    • Minor Bug fixes

    Release notes 2.0

    New added features and usability:

    • The ability to use the NEW Cardo Connect App (iOS / Android)
    • Major bug fixes
    • Improved operability
    • Support for future upgrades

    By upgrading the following functions will not be available anymore:

    • The ability to use the existing SmartSet / FREECOM app (iOS / Android)
    • Click-to-link *
    • Voice menus *
    • Music scan
    • FM auto tuning *

    (*) – valid for Freecom2 / Freecom4