With the product being discontinued, it will no longer receive any software updates.

What is the difference between PACKTALK (4.0) and PACKTALK BOLD?
Following the latest firmware upgrade (4.0), both PACKTALK BOLD and PACKTALK offer the same set of features and operability, including the ability to use the NEW Cardo Connect App (iOS / Android). With that said, the PACKTALK BOLD includes - Natural voice activation. With the all-new, always-on, natural voice operation feature, riders will never have to press a button, turn a wheel, or move a slider again because we have just empowered your voice - just say “hey Cardo,” and your PACKTALK BOLD will do the rest.
Something stopped working on my PACKTALK BOLD. What should I do?
Before trying anything else, we recommend simply resetting the unit to factory settings. Step 1: Press the intercom phone and media buttons together for at least 5 seconds until the LED starts flashing purple and the unit turns off. Step 2: Turn the unit back on.
Will it pair with any other Bluetooth intercoms?
Cardo intercom systems come with universal connectivity. It will pair with any other Bluetooth communication system by Cardo or by other leading brands. Refer to Cardo Gateway in the manual.
How to pair to a non-Cardo headset using universal connectivity (Cardo Gateway)
In order to pair your unit with a non-Cardo headset, please do the following: 1. Start intercom pairing on your unit (please refer to your product's pocket guide or user manual on how to do it). 2. Tap the phone button to start Cardo Gateway pairing 3. On the other unit start mobile phone pairing 4. Wait For the pairing to complete
Mobile app doesn't recognize unit. What next?
First, make sure that you are using the correct app – we have two different apps available for different product lines. If the issue is unresolved, make sure your smartphone is paired via Bluetooth and connected to the unit. Using a Smartwatch? Try turning it off before starting the app, and only then turn the smartwatch back on. If all above does not solve the issue, proceed with the following: 1. Delete the application from your phone 2. Delete the unit from the paired devices list in the phone's Bluetooth settings page 3. Restart the phone 4. Perform pairing (or factory) reset on the unit (as described in the troubleshooting section in the user manual) – the unit will turn off 5. Turn the unit back on 6. Pair the unit to the phone via Bluetooth 7. Download and install the app 8. Start the app If it still doesn’t connect, turn off your unit with the app running and switch it back on.
Which mobile app do I need to download for my device?
For PACTALK, PACTALK Bold, PACTALK Slim, SMARTPACK, SMARTH, FREECOM 1, FREECOM 2, and FREECOM 4 – you should get the new Cardo connect app (please note that to fully enjoy its capabilities, you would need to upgrade your unit's firmware to the latest version). For Qz, Q1, Q3, G9, G9x, SRC V1.1, SRC Pro, Louis special edition, and SHO-1 – you should get the Cardo Smartset app (the Qz, Q1, G9, and SRC are only supported in Android).
Connectivity to Smart dashboard, bike infotainment and GPS devices
In order to enjoy the best experience when using a smart system in parallel to a mobile phone, we recommend connecting the unit in one of the 2 ways described below: 1. Use the latest model Bluetooth 5.0 equipped smartphone with a capability to be connected to 2 different devices. Connect your smartphone to both the bike system and the Cardo unit directly. 2. For all others, bypass the smart dashboard system by connecting both phone and the bike system directly to the Cardo unit (one on each channel) without connecting the phone to the bike system.
Can it be charged while riding?
Yes. Cardo communication systems can be charged while riding. Simply plug it into the bike's 12V charger or a battery pack. Switch it back on and keep on riding.
Do I have to have a phone for it to work?
Your intercom and radio features are completely phone independent. You wouldn’t need any phone to operate them. You would need a phone (or some other Bluetooth media player) to stream music and, of course, to make and receive calls.
Friends tell me my voice doesn’t come out clear. What can I do?
If you are using a boom mic, make sure your mic is as close to your mouth as possible. Search for the small yellow triangle near the boom and make sure it faces your mouth. If the issue is noise from wind turbulence, put a larger mic sponge on the mic to help reduce it. The larger sponge is included in your package accessories. If you cannot find it, you can purchase it as part of a replacement microphone.
How do I make sure that my unit's battery lasts as long as possible?
We recommend not to leave your unit unused or in storage for more than 3 months without charging. Be sure to plug your unit at least once every 3 months for a full 4 hours to ensure maximum battery life.
Is it possible to use it with my own earbuds/speakers?
While your unit comes right out of the box with one of the best sets of speakers in the business, you can always plug in your favorite earbuds or aftermarket speakers via the standard 3.5mm jack and ride on.
The unit doesn't seem to be charging or the Battery seems to not last as long as it should
Plug in your unit to the charger and leave it charging for at least 4 hours straight. If this does not work, try using a different wall charger and USB cable. If the unit still doesn’t charge, please contact support. DO NOT attempt to disassemble or replace the battery on your own. DO NOT open the unit. It will no longer be waterproof! If your unit is out of warranty, you can find replacement batteries on 3rd party’s websites and in specialty electronics retailers. That said, we DO NOT recommend replacing parts on your own, for the risk of water, dirt, and general electronics damage.
How can I improve my sound quality?
Sound quality is best when the speakers are placed directly opposite your ear canal. Verify that the speakers are correctly placed inside your helmet by following the next steps. 1. With the helmet on, slide your finger inside the helmet and press against the side of the helmet where your ear is. This is where the speakers should be positioned. 2. Remove the helmet, but keep your finger in that spot. Check to make sure the speakers are in this position. 3. Make sure the speakers are positioned as close to your ear as possible so you can feel them. If necessary, use the included Velcro booster pads behind the speakers to get them closer to your ear. 4. Since every head is different, you may find that your helmet ear cavities are not placed optimally. If this is the case consider placing the speakers outside your helmet ear cavities right opposite your ears.
How can I get more riding time out of my battery?
Your product comes with a Charge while riding feature that allows you to plug in the unit into the bike's 12V charger or a power bank and continue riding long after the standard battery time has passed. In order to do it, just plug your unit into the power source – the unit will shut down. Turn it back on again and you're set.
Can I use this product in the rain?
Sure. All Cardo units are IP67 waterproof. This means you can ride in the rain and enjoy top communication.
Is it easy to install?
The box comes with a full installation kit and an easy-to-follow guide. According to our experience, a novice should take no more than 30 minutes to install it. A veteran – not more than 5.
Is my unit still under warranty?
All Cardo units come with a 2-year warranty, starting from the date of purchase. Please keep your proof of purchase to reclaim your warranty. Your first point of warranty service is your dealer.
How can I get more range of intercom out of my unit?
The range stated in the product description has been tested in optimal conditions. Actual range performance could be adversely affected by a number of environmental factors: 1. Riding environment (urban/non-urban) 2. Topography 3. High voltage power lines and cellular towers 4. Line of sight
Will it fit my helmet?
Yes. It can be fitted to virtually any helmet – Full face, dirt-bike, open face, 3/4, modular, or half helmet. It would even fit on most ski helmets. For installation on half helmets and ski helmets, you will need to purchase the Boom Microphone Cradle (a.k.a half helmet kit), sold separately.
How to use my Cardo product to with the BRP connect?
Can I replace the battery in my unit?
DO NOT attempt to disassemble or replace the battery on your own. Replacing the battery by yourself could damage the system's waterproof ability. However, you can try the following: Plug-in your unit to the charger and leave it charging for at least 4 hours straight. If this does not work, try using a different wall charger and USB cable. If the unit still doesn’t hold a charge, please contact support.
Can I share music with any other Cardo unit?
You can share music with any Cardo unit from the same generation: PACKTALK Bold/Black/Slim/Ducati/Louis, PACKTALK, SMARTPACK, SMARTH, FREECOM 2/4/1+/2+/4+. Your unit will not be able to share music with products from previous generations (PACKTALK EDGE, PACKTALK NEO, PACKTALK CUSTOM, FREECOM 4X, FREECOM 2X, Spirit HD, Spirit, G-line, Q-line, SRC-line, SHO-1).