What is the difference between DMC Gen2 and Gen1?

DMC Gen2 brings significant improvementsimplified and lightning fast pairing process, as well as a crystal clear wideband intercom sound.

  • Easier and faster pairing process: The pairing is rapid, lightning-fast, pairing a group of 10 communicators takes no more than a few seconds. We’ve also simplified the process itself by removing the group admin function. With DMC gen 2 pairing has never been so easy and so fast.
  • Wideband intercom: DMC gen 2 provides a crystal clear wideband intercom voice second to none. Expect sound quality akin to a good video conference.
What is the difference between PACKTALK BOLD and PACKTALK EDGE?

PACKTALK EDGE offers several improved key features, including:

  • Air Mount: a completely revolutionary, simple, and secure magnetic mount.
  • DMC 2nd generation: lightning-fast pairing and a crystal clear wideband intercom voice.
  • A complete redesigned sound system by JBL.
  • An improved natural voice operation with an improved noise-filtering microphone. PACKTALK EDGE is powered by Bluetooth 5.2, and also features in addition:
  • Fast charging: 2 hours of talk time after 20 minutes of charge.
  • A robust USB Type-C port.
  • Over-the-air software uploaded via the Cardo Connect app.
Does the PACKTALK EDGE connect to other generation Cardo units (Packtalk, Freecom, G, Q)?

PACKTALK EDGE is fully compatible with all DMC products. It also connects to all Cardo units using regular Bluetooth pairing. G and Q units need to be on phone pairing mode before starting pairing.

Can I use my unit in the rain?

Sure. All Cardo units are waterproof. This means you can ride in the rain and enjoy top communication.

What are the advantages of Bluetooth 5.2?

Your unit is equipped with the most advanced Bluetooth 5.2 chip in the market. It enables the integration of the latest audio technologies and improves significantly the quality of the Intercom. Bluetooth 5.2 is also more efficient and more secure, it offers faster pairing capabilities, as well as longer battery life.

What are the advantages of USB-C

A USB-C is more robust, it is easy to plug, and it fits with any standard USB-C cable. It also enables Fast Charging (2 hours talk time after 20 minutes of charging).

What warranty does Cardo offer?

Cardo offers an extended 3-year warranty for PACKTALK EDGE, starting from the date of purchase, that covers product failures as detailed in the warranty document. Please keep your proof of purchase to reclaim your warranty.

How can I update my unit?

No need for a cable, the Software update is Over the Air, using your mobile phone. Download Cardo Connect app to your mobile phone, go to Settings, select your unit, and then click on the latest available software update. Of course, you can also update the software with a USB cable on your computer. Download and open the Cardo Update app from Cardo website, connect your unit and follow the instructions. Updating with the latest software will keep your unit free of bugs and will provide you with additional new functionalities. We recommend updating your unit before first use.

Do I need to be connected to cellular when using PACKTALK EDGE?

No cellular coverage is needed, your always-on Intercom keeps you connected.

Can the PACKTALK EDGE connect to a built-in radio system?

PACKTALK EDGE is an independent system, it will not connect to a built-in radio.

How easy is PACKTALK EDGE to install?

Unlike existing built-in radio communication systems, PACKTALK EDGE can be easily installed on any helmet, by yourself, in the comfort of your home or at the dealership. View the installation video to see how easy it is to install.

Can I share my music with other PACKTALK EDGE off-road users?

Yes, you can easily share your favorite music during the drive with another unit.


PACKTALK NEO uses a unique clickable cradle that is not compatible with other Cardo products. Non-cradle accessories, such as microphones and speakers are fully compatible with PACKTALK NEO.

What is the difference between PACKTALK NEO and PACKTALK EDGE?

PACKTALK NEO and PACKTALK EDGE offer the same level of technology and features. The main difference is in the mounting: PACKTALK EDGE features a magnetic Air Mount, whereas PACKTALK NEO has a clickable mounting. In addition, charging while riding is possible only on PACKTALK EDGE. Additionally, PACKTALK NEO offers a 2-year warranty, while PACKTALK EDGE warranty is extended to 3 years.