How does Cardo define a “crash”?

While defining the exact severity of a crash is ultimately in the eye of the beholder, Cardo aims to detect events at a severity that would potentially require medical attention.

Could the system falsely miss a real Crash (a.k.a. False negative)?

While Cardo’s crash detection system was painstakingly designed to be the most robust in the business, we realize that no system is 100% foolproof. Cardo crash detection system is based on a learning algorithm and will constantly improve with more data gathered from riders around the world.

Can I assign more than one person as my emergency contact?

At launch, the crash detection solution will allow for only one contact. Expect the number of designated emergency contacts to expand with future updates.

What will happen if an accident occurs in an area with no data coverage?

At launch, the system requires data coverage to work. Solutions for situations where data coverage is unavailable are being explored for a later stage.

Will the Crash Detection mechanism in my Packtalk Pro work if I choose to ride without my smartphone or with my smartphone battery depleted?

Cardo’s Crash Detection solution requires all three elements – Unit, Phone, and Cloud to work in concert. Without a function phone connected to a data service the solution will not work.

Can I switch off the Crash Detection solution on my Pro?

Yes you can. Go to the Cardo Connect settings menu and switch crash detection from automatic to manual. In the manual setting you will need to indicate start of ride for the system to work. As long as you keep it off, it will not work.

Does Cardo’s Crash Detection solution also cover off-road and MX environments?

At launch, the system will cover on-road/tarmac scenarios only. Future developments will target additional riding scenarios. Stay tuned.

How do I activate the auto on/off feature? And can I deactivate it?

Just turn your Packtalk Pro to “ON”, your unit will do the rest. You can always manually turn off this feature through the Cardo Connect app settings.