With the product being discontinued, it will no longer receive any software updates.

What does Cardo Systems do?
Cardo Systems, Ltd., is the world’s acknowledged market leader in Bluetooth® and DMC – Dynamic Mesh Communication and entertainment systems for winter sports enthusiasts, motorcycle riders and teams on-the-go. We have pioneered the development and introduction of Bluetooth headsets since 2005 and have been reinventing the market ever since, with the introduction of game-changing innovations such as long-range intercom in 2011, Mesh communications in 2015 and Natural Voice Operation in 2017 and many more.
What is Dynamic Mesh Communication?
Dynamic mesh communication (DMC) is a networking technology that creates living connections, actively seeking to connect to other units. DMC will adapt based on the behavior of units in a network to ensure communication is maintained in the best way possible. If one unit leaves the network, all other units work together to leapfrog that signal. Once a unit comes back within range it automatically re-joins the group.
How can I get the best range out of my unit?
The range stated in the product description has been tested in optimal conditions. Actual range performance could potentially be adversely affected by obstacles to the line of sight such as mountains, trees, or powerlines.
Can I listen to music and be part of the intercom at the same time?
Yes, and it works great!
For how long is my unit under warranty?
All Cardo units come with a 2-year warranty, starting from the date of purchase. Please keep your proof of purchase to reclaim your warranty. Your first point of warranty service is your dealer.
Does the PACKTALK’s intercom interfere with avalanche beacons or helicopter communication?
No. Cardo units work on a different frequency range.
How is the Packtalk Ski different from the Packtalk Slim or Bold?
The Packtalk Ski has been especially designed to give skiers and snowboarders everything they need on the slope. It performs flawlessly under extreme cold conditions, connects users through challenging obstacles such as hills and trees and can be installed on a run-of-the-mill winter sports helmet within minutes. Designed to provide the ultimate winter sports experience at an affordable price, Packtalk Ski is doing away with several road-specific features that are of little use on the mountain such as: Legacy support for older Bluetooth intercom systems, multiple phone connections, and FM radio. To fit the shape of winter sports helmets, the Packtalk Ski comes with a dedicated audio kit and an integrated boom microphone instead of the hybrid and wired set that was designed purely for motorcycle helmets.’