Half Helmet Adapter for Packtalk Pro/Edge/Neo

Half Helmet Adapter for Packtalk Pro/Edge/Neo

Sale price$49.95

Adapter includes glue plate and boom mic to help you carry your favorite PACKTALK PRO, EDGE, or NEO with you on a half-helmet.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews

This is a brilliant bit of kit. I can be clearly heard, and it seems to pretty much eliminate wind and background noise even though its used on an open face helmet. I highly recommend it.


Solo revisa que sea compatible para tu casco ya que para integrales o abatibles no fue diseñado es más bien para cascos tipo sin mentonera


The boom is outstanding. Stays right where you tell it to. Wife didn't want a big puffy ball boom in her face the whole ride, but when I showed her how easy it was to get it out of the way when not in use she was sold. Great at isolation from ambient and wind noise.


Works good on 3/4 helmets.


Great item and worked as it should


I use this in my motorcycle 🏍️. No problem being heard above road noise.

Joseph C. (Guelph, CA)

I like it. I had the Cardo bold unit on before wich worked great. The new one, the mike extension is too flexible near the helmet mount. I find the boom mike gets blown away from my face when I'm driving on the highway. Sorry. I found the other one better. Joseph Campagnolo


The packtalk bold half helmet kit included the cradle but this new version for the packtalk edge does not, you will either need to use the cradle from your edge kit or purchase another cradle so you don’t have to move the cradle when you want to switch helmets. Not a major issue just was expecting it to include the cradle like the previous version.


The product itself seems to be working. I’m a little disappointed with the FM radio because I can only get two channels. My car FM picks up a lot more in the same location.The installation instructions show a 5/8 Helmet not a 1/2 Helmet. On a 5/8 helmet I’m sure it would work but on a 1/2 helmet you need to buy the half helmet kit and mount in on the leather ear flap in order for the microphone to be where it should be. The main unit can be mounted on the fiberglass and run the wires down to the half helmet kit mounted on the leather ear flap. Nowhere on any installation, instructions or videos does it say anything about this.Although support was timely in their response it was very difficult for me to explain the problem. It may have been a language barrier.I hope they get these problems fixed soon.


I installed this on my helmet and took it for a ride this morning. I immediately noticed that the microphone boom was not staying where I put it. Minor road vibrations on very good roads were causing this mic boom to swing down and out inches from where I set it. It was very distracting to have to continually adjust the mic boom to keep it in the set position. I ride a motorcycle with a fairing and a large windshield so wind across the boom should not be a factor. Pretty disappointed by this significant nuisance issue on an otherwise excellent product.

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