3 Safest Motorcycles for Beginner Riders

3 Safest Motorcycles for Beginner Riders

You should always wear the proper safety gear and use quality motorcycle Bluetooth speakers to keep in touch with your companions, but having the right kind of bike can come in handy as well. Here are three of the safest motorcycles for beginners just learning how to ride:

KTM 1190 Adventure Model

The KTM Adventure Model is designed to put your worries at ease. It’s a great choice if you love exploring the open road with plenty of storage to boot. It comes with many of the same safety features you’d find on a modern car, including anti-lock brakes as well as a unique motorcycle stability control (MSC) system that will help you stay upright when turning and leaning too far to one side. The bike also gets incredible traction for getting through the mud and snow. The front wheel also won’t rise up when you accelerate, which can throw some new riders for a loop.

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Kawasaki Versys 300-X

If you’re looking to stay comfortable behind the wheel, look no further than the 300-X from Kawasaki. It comes with many of the industry’s leading safety features, including an anti-lock braking system and stability control. But this bike is more ergonomically friendly than some of the others on the road. The seat is 32.1 inches high, so you sit a bit lower behind the wheel, much like you would when seated at a desk. This makes it easier to navigate the road as a beginner. Leaning over and bending forward can make some people nervous. Your back will thank you after a few hours of riding.

It’s also just 385.9 pounds, making it one of the lightest motorcycles on the market today. Less weight means better fuel efficiency. This also makes the bike easier to use. You can take turns and come to a stop on a dime to avoid getting into an accident.

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Suzuki V-Strom 650 ABS

Few motorcycles are as reliable as the almighty V-Strom from Suzuki. Customers rave about its low failure rate, reportedly around just 12 percent. That means fewer repairs and less stress behind the wheel. It comes with tubeless tires that are more puncture-resistant than traditional motorcycle tires. If a rock or piece of debris punctures the tires, a fast-drying liquid sealant will leak out and eventually seal the hole. You don’t have to worry about the tube popping or getting flat in the middle of nowhere.

They also perform better when they are underinflated compared to other types of tires. You still need to check your tire pressure, but the V-Strom will help you make it to the next closest gas station when you’re low on air.

It also has a comfortable seat located just 32.8 inches off the ground, so you can keep your feet on the ground when you come to a stop.

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Additional Safety Considerations

If safety is your main concern when shopping for a motorcycle, use a motorcycle Bluetooth headset that connects wirelessly to your phone so you can dial a call hands-free in the event of an emergency.

Use dynamic meshwork communication to create a direct link between you and every other person in your group so you don’t have to refresh the connection when someone leaves the formation. It’s the best way to keep everyone on the same page when navigating the road.

Find a motorcycle with the latest safety features to enjoy your time behind the wheel.