Planning an Alps Motorcycle Tour: The Ultimate Guide

Planning an Alps Motorcycle Tour: The Ultimate Guide

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The Alps are considered the holy grail of motorcycle touring. This 700-mile mountain range reaches peaks as high as 15,000 feet. It is the highest mountain range in Europe, with a crescent shape that stretches from the coastline of southern France all the way to the rugged shores of the Adriatic Sea in Albania. Routes pass through snow-capped mountains, steep pasture-lined hills and wavy roads that can easily throw even the best riders for a loop. It’s a marvel for any motorcycle enthusiast to behold. But this trip isn’t for the faint of heart. Use this guide to plan your first Alps motorcycle tour.

Budgeting for Your Trip

Riding a motorcycle is a great way to experience the magic of the Alps on a budget. The cost of your trip largely depends on where you stay and how far you go. But you can expect to spend around $1,500 on a two-week motorcycle tour, which includes the cost of hotels, snacks, dining and fuel. Keep cash on hand and a debit card to pay for items on the go. Don’t forget to include the cost of airfare as well.

That also doesn’t include the cost of everything you need to take a motorcycle tour, including a working bike and all the required safety gear. You can rent a motorcycle at your starting point or ship your motorcycle overseas. Buy a motorcycle helmet Bluetooth headset online ahead of time to connect to your companions on the road. It will attach to just about any type of helmet if you plan on renting.

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Planning Your Route

It’s best to go into your trip with a rough itinerary in mind. If you really want to see it all, you can start at the Eurotunnel at Calais in northern France. The following route is a 13-night trip covering a 2,648-mile loop throughout the Alps.

Head east toward Alle-sur-Semois in Switzerland. From there, you’ll travel to Bad Teinach in Germany. On the fourth day, head south-southeast to the small town of Garmisch-Partenkirchen, just south of Munich.

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Curve back through the mountains to spend the night in Livigno, Italy. Move on to Bellinzona in Switzerland and then travel to Weggis on Lake Lucerne.

Pass through Faschina, Austria to take in more of the scenery with a room at the Sporthotel Domig. Travel north-northwest to Turckheim, France. You can spend the night at Hotel des Deux Clefs. You will then ride up to Soissons, France before eventually coming back to Calais.

Use the Proper Gear

You should always wear the proper safety gear when riding a motorcycle, especially when dealing with steep hills and turns. Make sure you use a full-face helmet or half-face helmet with goggles that are made to fit your head. Navigating is always easier in a group. Use the Cardo Packtalk Edge to connect to your companions in real-time. It will sync up to 15 riders at a time to help you and your friends coordinate with each other as you take on the challenges of the local terrain.

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There are a lot of stops to be made and it’s easy to get lost when driving through so many different countries. Make sure you can hear your GPS in English to hear the route in your ear. And use a motorcycle headset with quality JBL helmet speakers to keep the volume at the right level.

In terms of your wardrobe, wear long pants and long sleeve shirts to protect your skin from the wind, sun and rain. Temperatures tend to be mild in this part of Europe, but it will get colder the higher you climb, so bring plenty of layers to stay warm. You can attach a carrying case or hard-shell pack to the back of your motorcycle to make room for your belongings.

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There’s nothing like riding through the Alps on a motorcycle. You will get a front-row view to the best and tallest peaks in Europe for a trip you will never forget.