Cardo Packtalk Bold vs. EDGE: What's the Difference?

Cardo Packtalk Bold vs. EDGE: What's the Difference?

If you are looking for the best motorcycle communication device money can buy, you’ve probably heard of the Packtalk Bold — but Cardo Systems recently unveiled the Packtalk EDGE, an updated version of the company’s signature product. Both devices allow you to communicate hands-free while riding a motorcycle, but the Packtalk EDGE comes with new and improved features that will make your life easier on the road. Learn about the latest advances in helmet communication from Cardo Systems.

Packtalk Bold vs. EDGE: Similarities

Both products are widely used within the motorcycle industry. The Packtalk Bold and EDGE come with many of the same features, including wireless Bluetooth technology. They will sync up with your phone, so you can access your mobile device while riding without taking your eyes off the road. Just speak into the microphone and say “Hey, Cardo” to get started. They each give you access to the Cardo mobile app for seamless integration. Both devices can connect to up to 15 riders at a time.

They both come with 40mm speakers from JBL to improve your listening experience. JBL is known for making some of the best speakers on the market.

Both devices come with automatic audio control and around 13 hours of battery life. The device will automatically adjust the level based on your speed. They also come with built-in FM radio and audio sharing. The Packtalk Bold and EDGE are also compatible with all helmets.

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Packtalk Bold vs. EDGE: Differences

That’s where the similarities end. The Packtalk EDGE is a slight improvement on the Bold. The former is around 30 percent louder at max volume compared to the latter. That will come in handy when you are traveling at peak speeds of 60 mph or more.

The EDGE also operates using Bluetooth 5.2, while the Bold uses 4.1. The latest version of Bluetooth can send data faster than the 4 version, up to 2 Mbps. The 5.2 is also designed to consume less power while sending data across a wider range.

The EDGE also comes with over-the-air updates, so you don’t have to plug the device into your computer every time you need to install the latest software. Just use the app!

You will also notice that the Bold tells you when it’s powering down. The device will say “Powering down” when you hit the off button, so you know when the device is on and off. The EDGE tells you the remaining percentage on the battery. For example, you will hear the device say, “Battery is at 50%.” If the battery is running low, the device will remind you to recharge. Some users prefer one feature over the other, but it’s all just a matter of preference.

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Finally, the EDGE comes with a magnet mount that makes it easy to attach the device to your helmet, while the Bold uses a clip. Both devices will stay securely attached to your helmet, but some riders prefer the magnetic clip instead. See how these motorcycle communication devices compare side by side for more information.

How to Choose Between the Two

The Cardo Packtalk EDGE is slightly more expensive than the Bold at $389.95. That’s about $50 more than the Bold but the upgrade is well worth it if you like to travel at fast speeds or are hard of hearing. You might also consider upgrading for the magnetic clip if you use more than one helmet. You won’t have to spend as much time installing/uninstalling the device for less hassle on the road.

If you are already using the Bold, you can upgrade to the new version and give your older model to one of your riding companions.

You can’t go wrong with either option, but the EDGE will make your life a little easier. Keep this information in mind to find the right motorcycle Bluetooth headset for your riding needs.