How Dynamic Mesh Communication (DMC) Is Impacting the Future of Motorcycle Communication 

How Dynamic Mesh Communication (DMC) Is Impacting the Future of Motorcycle Communication 

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The only thing better than doing something you love is sharing it. And for motorcyclists, sharing the love usually means hitting the road with your pack, your passenger or your motorcycle club. But to make group riding fun and safe for everyone, you need reliable and easy-to-use hands-free communication between each rider. 

Lots of options exist for bike-to-bike (BTB) communication, from CB radios to Bluetooth, but even the best options have had some frustrating limitations—until now. Cardo Systems is leading the pack on BTB communication with a powerful new technology called Dynamic Mesh Communication, or DMC. Here, we’ll look at some features that set this awesome tech apart from the competition, plus how Cardo Systems’ team of motorcycle tech experts have implemented it in a compact and easy-to-use headset. 

Motorcycle communication will never be the same now that Dynamic Mesh Communication is on the scene, and the Cardo Systems is leading the pack.

The Evolution of Motorcycle Communication

For most of the history of motorcycling, hand signals were the standard way to communicate on a group ride. These signals have served lots of riders well enough, but their limitations are also pretty apparent. They require good visibility and for everyone to have eyes on the signaler, demand that at least one rider take at least one hand off the bars and are hard to use as two-way communication safely. 

In the past, some experienced riders have used CB radio headsets similar to what truckers use. Many newer bikes include the option to install an OEM or aftermarket CB radio, but this, too, comes with some issues. If you want to communicate safely and efficiently, you’ll need a CB headset, which is often bulky, clunky and hard to find the perfect fit under a helmet. CB radio also doesn’t provide the clearest or crispest audio—you very well might spend a lot of time trying to make out what your buddies are saying through the fuzzy, crackling sound. 

Fifteen years ago, Cardo Systems introduced Bluetooth motorcycle headsets and changed everything. With more precise audio quality, easy hands-free operation and simple pairing, it was clear there was a new gold standard. However, Bluetooth has some limitations as well, such as: 

  • A limited range of under a mile.
  • Rigid networks that break down when one rider loses signal. 
  • Can only accommodate relatively small groups of riders. 

Our engineers have been working hard to overcome these limitations. Enter the BTB technology of the future: DMC, or Dynamic Mesh Communication. 

How Does DMC Work? 

DMC is the next step forward in motorcycle communication. The technology is based on the mesh networking protocol that’s available for various smart home devices, but applied to improve on Bluetooth by making each rider’s unit a separate communications hub that’s always tracking and maintaining communication with each other rider’s hub. This dynamic protocol creates a stronger and more flexible network for every motorcyclist in your group.  

DMC does a lot more than anything that’s come before. A few of its advantages include:  

  • Creates a communication network between up to 15 riders at once. 
    • Offers much greater distance than Bluetooth—up to 1,600m (one mile) in perfect conditions and 1,000m in a typical road environment. 
  • Self-healing network that accommodates riders dropping in or out without network interruptions.
  • Exceptional audio clarity and fidelity. 
  • Networks only need to be set up once, and pairing is a snap. 

However, this remarkable technology hasn’t been implemented in a wireless motorcycle headset—until now. 

Cardo PackTalk: Bringing DMC to Your Pack

Now, riders can enjoy the power of a DMC network through the world’s premier DMC motorcycle headset. Cardo Systems’ PackTalk is the digital BTB communication answer the motorcycle world has been waiting for, with awesome features including:

  • Intuitive voice-operated controls that give riders true hands-free performance.
  • Audiophile-quality 40 mm JBL speakers available in 2019 models for unmatched depth and clarity.
  • IP67-rated toughness that keeps it going through rain, sleet and who-knows-what-else. 
  • Allows private conversations between two members in a network. 
  • Easily charge your Cardo PackTalk unit while you ride. 
  • Provides options for phone calls, streaming audio from your phone and even an FM radio. 
  • Comes in two styles, Bold and Slim, so you can find your perfect style and profile. 

Interested to find out more? Check out the videos on our Cardo PackTalk page, where we break down DMC and the Cardo PackTalk’s features in depth. 

With DMC, sharing the love of riding is safer, more effortless and more connected than ever. Even better, Cardo’s engineers are continually refining motorcycle DMC technology—so you and your pack can look forward to even better and more flexible motorcycle communication in the future.