How to Carry an Extra Helmet on a Motorcycle

How to Carry an Extra Helmet on a Motorcycle

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Everyone must wear a helmet when riding a motorcycle, but what do you do if you have more than one helmet? You never know when you might need to carry an extra helmet around. This could happen for any number of reasons. You might need to bring along an extra helmet when meeting a friend or your date for a ride if they don’t have one of their own. Someone in your group may also forget to bring their helmet, so consider bringing an extra one just in case. You might also need to take your helmet to the shop to have it repaired or want to sell the helmet at a local gear shop. 

You need to err on the side of caution when traveling with an extra helmet. If it drops or falls along the way, it will likely need to be replaced. This can also be a safety hazard to the other vehicles on the road. Do not pull over and try to get the helmet if it is lying in the middle of the road. If you are using a helmet communication headset, you also need to make sure the device won’t be damaged during the commute. These devices are typically waterproof, but you should take off the headset and store it separately if the helmet is exposed. 

So, what are your options when it comes to safely driving with an extra helmet?

Use these tips to securely attach the spare helmet to your bike so it stays out of the way.

Use Helmet Communication to Get to Your Destination Safely

Luggage Strap

On the affordable end, you can always use a pair of bungee cords to attach the helmet to the back of your bike. These usually go for as little as $30. You might already have a few lying around the garage. They are usually designed to strap pieces of luggage to the bike or the top of a car. They can also be used to secure the trunk of a car when there’s too much cargo in the back.

The downside is that the strap isn’t specifically made to accommodate the helmet. You might need to wrap the cord around the bike several times to keep the helmet secure. Because the helmet has a spherical edge, there’s a chance it could slip out from under the strap. It also leaves the helmet exposed to the elements, which can be problematic in the rain or snow.

Luggage Net

Similar to a strap, the luggage net is a web of cords that strap the helmet to the back of the motorcycle. It is a little more secure than the strap because there’s no way for the helmet to slip out of the net. The cords wrap around the entire helmet to keep it in place. However, the helmet will still be exposed to the elements. A luggage net should only cost around $30 as well.

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Tail Pack

The best solution is to put the helmet in a tail pack that sits on the back of the motorcycle. You can use a softshell case that clips onto the body of the bike or a hard shell case that’s mounted with screws. The latter will give you more protection on the road. The contents of the pack won’t be damaged if you get into an accident. Both types of cases let you store your headset with your helmet. Make sure the case is waterproof to protect your gear during a sudden downpour.


If you don’t feel like strapping anything to the back of your motorcycle, you can try attaching the helmet to your backpack. Avoid using the chin strap to secure your helmet to your bag. It isn’t strong enough to hold up at high speeds and your helmet will bounce around in the wind. Tuck the helmet inside your bag for safekeeping.

How to Stay Connected with Multiple Riders

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If you want to connect to other riders on the road, use the Cardo Packtalk Edge to communicate with up to 15 other riders on the road. It has a secure magnetic mount that keeps the device attached to the helmet to prevent damage.

Meeting someone else for a date? Use the Cardo Second Helmet Kit to communicate with your companion while you ride.

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You shouldn’t have to worry about damaging your helmet or safety gear when riding. Keep these tips in mind to get to your destination without losing anything important along the way.