How to Lock a Helmet to a Motorcycle

How to Lock a Helmet to a Motorcycle

It’s important to wear a helmet when you ride a motorcycle, but what do you do with your helmet when you can’t take it inside? The average motorcycle helmet weighs around three pounds. As a rider, you probably know how bulky your helmet can be as well. Leaving your helmet unlocked can increase your risk of theft, so you’ll need to secure the helmet to your motorcycle when it’s parked if you don’t feel like carrying it around everywhere you go. You can easily damage the helmet if you don’t handle it with care, so learn how to lock a helmet to a motorcycle when you need to leave it behind.

Use a Helmet Lock

The best way to lock a helmet on a motorcycle is to buy a special helmet lock. These locks are specially designed to secure half and full face helmets to all types of motorcycles. They are light and usually cost less than $30.

Most helmet locks come with a metal wire that loops through the helmet. Some can only be opened with a special code, while others require a key that you can attach to your keychain.

Once you have a lock, you will need to put it through the chin compartment of your helmet and connect it to the bike frame before securing the lock. If you are using a half-face helmet or a helmet with an open visor, you can use a lock that secures directly to the chinstrap.

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Not all helmet locks are made equal, and most aren’t exactly indestructible. A thief might be able to cut through the wire with a pair of wire cutters. Some riders also avoid using locks that attach to the chinstrap because they can easily be cut, but that means the thief would have to replace the chinstrap, which can act as a deterrent.

Use Helmet Communication to Talk Hands-Free on the Road

If using a helmet communication device to wirelessly listen to music or want to talk to your companions while riding, don’t forget to secure the device when leaving your helmet behind. These devices usually clip onto the side of the helmet, so be sure to quickly detach the device and store it safely.

Use the Cardo Packtalk Edge to communicate while riding easily. It quickly attaches to the helmet using a magnet mount, so you can quickly pull it off when you leave the bike behind. It’s also one of the lightest devices on the market to help you lighten your load.

These locks work best if you are running a quick errand and need to leave your bike in the lot for no more than a few hours. But if you plan on storing your helmet and motorcycle for days on end, you might need something more durable. Use a high-grade steel lock that can’t be cut and park your motorcycle in a secure area with cameras to reduce the risk of theft.

Use a Bike Cable Lock

If you also own a bicycle, your bike lock might double as a helmet lock. Wire bike locks come with longer cables that will increase the reach. Regular steel locks won’t fit around the frame of your motorcycle. Some wire bike locks can easily be cut, so look for the thickest option available. Try using a chain bike lock that will fit through your helmet and motorcycle frame for more peace of mind.

Where to Attach Your Helmet

Once you’ve chosen a lock, you’ll need to decide where to attach your helmet to the motorcycle. You’ll want to choose a place where the helmet will be out of the way. Try putting it on the handlebars and wrapping the lock around the center steering console. This will only work if the lock cannot slide off the handlebars. If the handlebars are too wide/thin, try looping the lock around the mirror instead.

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You can also attach it to the passenger pegs, but this means storing your helmet closer to the ground where it can easily get dirty — especially if it’s raining or there’s snow on the ground. Learn how to clean a motorcycle helmet to keep your equipment in good condition.

If your seat is detachable, you should be able to wrap the lock around the middle frame with the seat removed. Then, secure the seat back into place.

There are lots of ways to lock a helmet to a motorcycle so it doesn’t get stolen. Remember these tips to ensure no one gets a hold of your helmet!

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