How to Start an ATV Rental Business 

How to Start an ATV Rental Business 

Renting ATVs is a growing business in the U.S. and around the world. The market was valued at $9.4 billion and is expected to grow to $18.6 billion by 2031. More and more people are discovering the joys of driving off-road. It’s often the only way to explore remote areas of the wilderness. As with any business venture, you will need a decent amount of capital to get started, but the initial investment is a fraction of what you would spend to open a store, gas station or restaurant, making it easy for new business owners to throw their hat into the ring. Expect to spend anywhere from $10,000 to $15,000 on equipment and startup costs, not including the price of land. Use this guide to learn how to start your own ATV rental business in an underserved area near you.

Choose the Right Location

Location, location, location is the mantra of any good real estate agent. It is an important part of any brick-and-mortar business but instead of foot traffic, you need lots of room to roam around on an ATV. The land should feature various types of terrain to give your customers a versatile experience. Hilly landscapes tend to be the most popular with outdoor extremists. Look for scenic areas where folks might want to enjoy a picnic or snap a photo. You will need to spend some time mapping out trails and tinkering with the land before you open for business. Clear a safe path for your guests to follow with loops that bring them back to the starting point. Aim to create a route that’s at least a mile long. If you don’t have a lot of acreage to support trail riding, consider creating a racetrack instead. Learn about ATV racing and how to build the right type of course.

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Invest in Durable Off-Road Vehicles

Your business would be nothing without a set of finely tuned ATVs or UTVs. All-terrain vehicles can only hold one person at a time, which is great for letting drivers explore on their own. Utility terrain vehicles can hold up to eight people at a time, perfect for families, tour groups and catching a glimpse at the local wildlife. Invest in both types of vehicles to give your guests a range of options. You should get a discount when buying multiple vehicles at once. Don’t settle for the sticker price without negotiating with the dealership.

Buying new is usually the best choice because you only have to worry about training your guests on one or two models. Used ATVs may not be as reliable unless you trust the seller. Buying from a dealership can also help you save on the cost of repairs. Sign up for the warranty to save on expenses during the first few years.

Everyone must wear the proper safety gear when riding. Shop for ATV riding gear for adults of all ages and sizes, including pads, helmets, gloves and boots.

Find Insurance with the Proper Coverage

You should provide your customers with a waiver when renting them the equipment in addition to your small business insurance policy. The policy should protect you from damages in case anyone is injured on your property. Take precautions to reduce the risks by keeping the land clean and your vehicles well-maintained. Some customers may claim to have their own insurance, but make sure you get a copy just in case. Consider offering additional insurance for an extra fee to further protect your clients from financial harm. This is usually known as a catastrophic rider, which will kick in if the person completely wrecks the ATV or somehow permanently damages your property. Check each person’s ID to verify their age. Some kids can start riding as young as 10, but it depends on your comfort level and whether they have adult supervision.​​

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Use Bluetooth Accessories to Stay Connected

The experience of renting an ATV isn’t the same without a Bluetooth wireless headset. Your guests can use them to speak to each other in real time as they navigate the course. It’s perfect for training, giving tours and communicating with your guests or employees over long distances. Invest in off-road communication gear to give your customers the option of keeping in touch on any terrain or in any weather. Your employees can also use them to send updates while they survey the property.

Your guests can also use this equipment to communicate with each other in real time as they explore the park, so they can enjoy this experience together. The device connects automatically to up to 15 riders at a time to help large groups stay in sync on the trail. With voice activation, they can also connect to their phone or GPS hands-free for a safer ride. Give your customers the option of pairing their helmet with a wireless Bluetooth headset to create the ultimate riding experience.

Use Off-Road Communication to Talk to Your Guests in Real Time Starting an ATV rental business is easy if you have access to the right piece of land and know how to use and maintain this equipment. Keep these tips in mind to start off your new venture on the right foot.