Using Motorcycle Communication: 6 Benefits to Consider

Using Motorcycle Communication: 6 Benefits to Consider

With over 4.18 million miles of roadway in the United States, there’s so much to explore on the back of your bike, and we’re excited to help you get out and enjoy the thrill of it all! Here are some of the specific ways our products can revolutionize your ride.

  1. They Can Help With Safety — One of the most obvious benefits of a motorcycle communication system is that it allows you to communicate with other riders in your group, which means you can alert others and be alerted of any hazards on the trip — such as water, oil or a cracked road — which translates to enhanced safety on your ride and fewer (literal) roadblocks.
    Motorcyclists should also keep their hands on the handlebars and their eyes on the road at all times. The Cardo hands-free Bluetooth headset wirelessly connects to your phone or GPS device to help you focus on what’s most important: getting to your destination safely. You don’t have to take your eyes off the road or physically interact with your device while riding for a safer commute.The headset fits clips onto the outside of your helmet. It stays securely attached in every situation to keep you connected. The microphone  is positioned close to your mouth so you can issue commands and communicate with your companions without shouting or adjusting the microphone. Keep your cell phone or GPS device in view so you don’t have to look down when searching for directions.

    Wired headsets will only get in your way when you’re trying to navigate the road. Go wireless for the ultimate group riding experience.

  1. They Keep You in Touch — With Dynamic Mesh Communication (DMC), available on our Packtalk Edge, you can connect with up to 15 riders at a time.  Unlike Bluetooth, DMC lets groups communicate with up to a mile between each rider and up to five miles of communication for the entire group. The system responds to your voice, too, so you can simply say “Hey Cardo” and the headset will do the rest. Use it to make and answer calls with friends and family, totally hands-free, or to talk with your pillion rider when you’re cruising down the highway at high speeds.
  2. They Allow You to Listen to Music — And Cardo is as serious about music as we are about our communication devices. In fact, audio powerhouse JBL supplies many Cardo communication devices with exceptional sound, so you can listen to music apps, podcasts, the radio and more as you commute or cruise. The speakers make it easy to hear what your fellow riders are saying so you can stop asking everyone to repeat themselves.  Motorcycle drivers riding in Alpine highway
  3. They Help You Keep an Eye on Traffic — No one wants to suit up for a fun day of riding only to get stuck in a traffic jam. Even when you have the opportunity to weave your way through a particularly congested jam, lots of traffic can totally ruin an otherwise good day of riding. With radio in your ear, you can easily flip on your local Travelers’ Information Station and get an update on what’s ahead so you can redirect your route and avoid slow traffic altogether. Additionally, our helmet communication systems can connect with GPS apps such as Waze to ensure stress-free navigation.
  4. They Guide You to Your Destination — Want to be able to get turn-by-turn navigation on the back of your bike? Luckily, Cardo communication systems connect seamlessly with your GPS so you get to your destination safely without fiddling with your devices or — can you imagine? — a map. This makes both day-to-day riding and long-haul trips easier than ever. 
  5. They Help You Help Others — Looking to help your young children, friends or even professional riders get better at riding? By providing them real-time riding tips and feedbacks while they take their first few short trips (even in the parking lot), many Cardo customers are able to help young and amateur riders master the rules of the road. We highly recommend such communication devices for new riders.
  6. They Can Save Your Life in an Emergency — Riding a motorcycle comes with a steep learning curve. There’s a chance you could fall off your bike when you’re learning how to ride. Turning, stopping and steering all take practice. You never know when you might need to call for help on your bike, and having a Bluetooth communication system just might save your life.

Regardless of where or how you like to ride, you should have a plan in case you get into an accident. You may not be able to reach for your phone if you are injured. The Cardo headset keeps you connected to the authorities and those you love in an emergency. You can quickly call 9-1-1 and share your location with your family or the police to get help right away. Wearing a Bluetooth headset will give you extra peace of mind on the road. Your loved ones will also appreciate knowing that you can reach them if something goes wrong. 

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We Help You Enjoy the Ride

If you love to ride, you’ll love the freedom, convenience and safety enhancements that a Cardo motorcycle communication device can bring to the table. Browse all of our different models for a brand-new way to enjoy the thrill of the two-wheeled ride. With quality and exceptional performance built into every unit, our water, wind and dust-proof products can handle all weather, and we’re sure you’ll never buy another system again.

We designed our motorcycle intercom systems with riders in mind. Every communication device is made to meet your needs, so you can successfully navigate the road in any situation. It won’t obstruct your view or get in the way of your helmet. Using the device will feel natural and intuitive as you explore the great outdoors. Getting where you’re going is so much easier — and a lot more fun — when you bring a motorcycle headset along for the ride.