How Motorcycle Gloves Should Fit

How Motorcycle Gloves Should Fit

The Perfect Fit

It’s best to find gloves that aren’t too tight or too loose. They should fit securely around your fingers and palm without being uncomfortable. Practice moving your hands and fingers as if you were riding a motorcycle to make sure you can retain a full range of motion. You should feel comfortable wearing the gloves whether you’re on your motorcycle or not.  

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Factors That Affect Comfort and Fit

If you have yet to purchase a pair of gloves or you’re wondering how your gloves will fit several months down the line, read on.


The material you choose will affect how your gloves fit over the long-term. You’re usually facing two choices when shopping for motorcycle gloves: leather or textiles. 

Leather tends to be popular with the motorcycle crowd, but be aware that it will stretch over time. The material is both strong and durable, but it will get larger if it gets wet or too hot. You can use leather softening or conditioning sprays to prevent the fibers from stretching

The stretch can also be an asset. The gloves will eventually adjust to the exact size and shape of your hands for a more comfortable fit. If you fail to maintain your gloves, they may no longer fit the way they used to. 

If the gloves feel a bit stiff at first, keep in mind that they will loosen over time, but avoid using gloves that are too tight expecting them to stretch.

Textiles don’t stretch, which comes with its own pros and cons. Keep in mind that the gloves won’t adjust to your hands, so make sure they fit in the store before leaving. 


The brand says it all. Some manufacturers have a better reputation when it comes to making gloves that fit compared to the competition. Make sure the products have been heat-tested. This gives you a good indication of how well the gloves perform under pressure. Contact the manufacturer if you don’t see this information listed on their website. 

Choose a company that uses quality materials. Check the customer reviews to see how they performed for other riders. 

Country of Origin

It’s also important to note where the gloves were originally made or sold. Gloves from the U.S. tend to be a bit larger than those from the United Kingdom. If you are an American shopping on a European website or traveling abroad, consider going up a size for a better fit.

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Use a Bluetooth Motorcycle Headset to Keep in Touch

Sizing Chart

For men, the standard sizes range from:

  • XS: 7 inches
  • S: 7.5-8.5 inches
  • M: 8.5-9 inches
  • L: 9.5-10 inches

XL: 10.5-11 inches

For women, the sizes are:

  • XS: 6 inches
  • S: 6.5 inches
  • M: 7 inches
  • L: 7.5 inches
  • XL: 8 inches

Keep in mind that these numbers may change depending on the brand or material.

Use this information to make sure your gloves will keep you safe on the road. Regardless of what type of glove you choose, you should always wear a Bluetooth motorcycle headset in case of an emergency. You can listen to music, use your GPS or dial a call without taking your hands off the bike. 


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