The 6 Best Motorcycles for Shorter People

The 6 Best Motorcycles for Shorter People

1. Kawasaki Versys®-X 300

  • Seat Height: 32.1” 

Adventure motorcycles often have higher seats than other types of motorcycles, which means it can be challenging for short riders to find a good ADV bike. The Versys®-X is the bike that shorter adventure riders have been waiting for. It combines a rugged suspension that’s built for rough road conditions with a practical yet attractive design that includes built-in luggage storage on the back. Now you just need to choose an adventure worthy of it. 

2. Indian Scout Bobber

  • Seat Height: 25.5” 

Cruisers like the Indian Scout Bobber are popular with short riders because their seat heights are usually lower to begin with. The Scout Bobber is an especially exciting exemplar of the style, with its minimalist curves and deadly double exhaust. However, short riders should keep in mind that cruisers compensate for their low seat heights by being designed for people with slightly longer legs, so the best idea is always to spend some time sitting on any bike before you buy. 

3. Triumph Street Scrambler

  • Seat Height: 31.1” 

The Street Scrambler is a snappy little bike with the classic cafe racer style and a 900 cc engine that packs some serious vroom. Its design makes it perfect for short riders, who will love the compact design and relatively low seat height. This wildly versatile little bike is just as good for a quick spin around the block as it is for a tour of the backroads of Europe. And thanks to its basis in the classic Triumph Bonneville design, it’s guaranteed to turn heads while doing it. 

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4. Yamaha MT-07

  • Seat Height: 31.7” 

Sporty standards like the MT-07 are a great choice for short riders who want something speedy without the narrow wheel base and high seat of a true sport bike. That’s the niche that the MT-07 is designed to hit, and we’re pleased to report that Yamaha nailed it. It’s the ultimate lean-and-mean street bike that’s accessible for riders of just about every height. 

5. Honda Rebel 500

  • Seat Height: 27.2”

The Rebel 500 is a versatile Japanese cruiser that’s recommended for all kinds of riders, from beginners finding their feet to experts who want a fun around-town bike—and now you can add short riders to that list. There’s a reason the Rebel is so popular: It’s a truly well-made and fun bike with a design that’s versatile enough to appeal to many different demographics. Oh, and did we mention it’s one of the most affordable bikes on our list? 

6. Ducati Monster 1200

  • Seat Height: 31.3” 

On the flip side, maybe you’re short, but your money is tall and you want to go for the best. In that case, look no further than the ludicrously awesome Ducati Monster 1200, a sporty naked bike that eats the competition for lunch. The seat height is low, but the horsepower is very, very high, and it’s an ideal candidate for both the road and the track. If you’re looking for a bike with the power to leave its taller siblings in the dust, the Monster is just your kind of beast. 

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