5 Motorcycle Valentine's Gifts

5 Motorcycle Valentine's Gifts

1. Matching Bluetooth Headsets

Nothing could be more romantic than taking off on a scenic motorcycle ride as a couple. You can snuggle up to one another as you explore new environments. They say love is all about the journey, not the destination. But you’ll need to use helmet communication if you want to talk to each other during the trip. You won’t be able to hear each other over the noise when riding. Hand signals can be risky when you’re trying to control the bike or hang onto your partner for dear life.

Use equipment that’s designed specifically for couple riders. Each person gets a Bluetooth headset that fits onto their existing helmet. The two devices sync up automatically, so you can hear everything the other person is saying, just like in a normal conversation. You can comment on the passing scenery, listen to the same podcast or coordinate en route to your destination. It’s a great way to bond while enjoying one of their favorite activities.

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2. High-Quality Riding Speakers

Lots of motorcycle riders love listening to music, audiobooks or podcasts to help pass the time. They can use a wireless headset to pump in some audio, make calls and listen to directions. But so many headsets and speakers feature poor-quality audio that can take the fun out of their trip. The audio should be loud and clear enough that they can enjoy their respective media without distracting them from the road. Give them a headset with quality JBL speakers to enhance their listening experience. The device comes with 45mm audio speakers that rival anything they would use when they’re not on their bike. It will even automatically adjust the volume setting based on the surrounding noise level to create the perfect balance.

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3. Tent for Two

Consider taking your trip to the next level with a snug tent with enough room for two people. You can pitch it after the sun goes down instead of turning around and heading home. The weather will soon turn to spring, so start planning your first road trip together as a couple. You can get closer to nature and each other as you find a cozy spot hidden from the rest of the world. If you need extra room for storage, add a hard shell carrying case to bring along everything you need for the trip.

4. GPS Tracker

If you’re in love with a motorcycle rider, you’re probably used to fretting over their safety every time they head out on the road. Give yourself peace of mind by treating them to a portable GPS tracker that fits onto their bike. You can log on to the tracking app to see where they are in real-time in case they aren’t answering their phone. They can also use this handy device to locate their motorcycle if it gets stolen. If they have a Bluetooth headset, they can also call for help in an emergency without having to physically reach for the phone.

5. Custom Patch

Riding a motorcycle is all about having the right look. Create a signature patch that commemorates your love that they can wear on their jacket, saddlebag or hat. It can be a heart with your initials in the middle or a sweet message to remind them of your love. You can always give them a custom sticker or vinyl decal if they can’t sew on a patch.

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Help your special someone enjoy their motorcycle this Valentine’s Day with one of these thoughtful accessories. It’s the perfect way to say, “I love you.”

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