LS2 Case Study

LS2 Case Study

LS2 take the lead on UCS with Cardo.
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LS2 take the lead on UCS with Cardo


With worldwide distribution in more than 125 countries, LS2 is the fastest-growing brand in the sporting goods business. Priding itself on providing everything that the rider needs and honoring its commitment to safety, high-quality products, cutting-edge technology and attractive design, Cardo was the perfect choice.

Following the introduction of ECE 22.06, LS2 was looking for a trusted partner to work with to launch an intercom that could be seamlessly installed into its new line-up of full-face, flip-front and open-face helmets.

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Launched in 2022, Cardo's Universal Communication System (UCS) expanded the landscape of rider communication and choice. UCS standardizes communications system's size and shape, allowing for integrated fitment into new ECE 22.06 motorcycle helmets. Helmet manufacturers can potentially accelerate the process of integrating communications into helmets while reducing development costs and time to market.

LS2 announced its adoption of the new UCS standard in selected helmets during EICMA 2022, with the first product the LS24X available in the market in 2023.

The product, packed with the same extensive features as Cardo’s FREECOM 4x, connects up to four riders across Bluetooth, has a range of 1.2km/0.75 miles, features Sound by JBL, Natural Voice Operation, Open Bluetooth intercom (OBi) and is fully waterproof. The compact unit also boasts auto-reconnecting Bluetooth, so riders can ride their own ride without having to worry about connection issues.

Offered as a factory-fit solution at the time of purchase in dealers, there is also the option to add the unit post-purchase too, depending on the individual's preference.


Complete, and ongoing, support was given to LS2 throughout the product development process and launch including training, marketing assets and support.

Held at EICMA in 2022, the product launch presentation was given to media and trade attendees on the LS2 stand with the Cardo Chief Marketing Officer in attendance to present and answer live questions.

A press release was issued to worldwide media - in five languages - announcing the partnership and the availability of the products.

A full photo and video shoot was arranged with a mutual Key Opinion Leader, Kirian Mirabet, between both brands to maximize the partnership and help promote the product launch.

Client Testimonial

Giuseppe Porcu, CEO LS2, said: “We chose Cardo Systems because of the company’s forward-thinking and reputation for reliability, values that perfectly represent our brand. Basically, we want to work with experts, and they are the most qualified in their sector.”

If your organization is looking for a trusted OEM partner to work collaboratively to drive success, contact Shachar Harari, Vice President of Business Development, at Cardo Systems. Let’s discuss how we can tailor a solution to meet your specific business needs...