How can I improve my sound quality?
Sound quality is best when the speakers are placed directly opposite your ear canal. To ensure optimal placement: 1) With the helmet on, find where your ear is and ensure speakers are positioned there. 2) Remove the helmet but keep your finger in place to check speaker position. 3) Place speakers as close to your ears as possible. 4) If necessary, use Velcro booster pads to adjust positioning.
Can I use my unit in the rain?
Yes, all Cardo units are waterproof, allowing you to ride in the rain while enjoying top communication.
How long does it take to charge my unit?
The unit features Fast Charging, providing 2 hours of talktime after only 20 minutes of charge. Full charge is achieved within 2 hours.
How can I get more run-time out of my battery?
Your Cardo unit comes with a charge while riding feature, allowing you to plug it into a power bank or motorcycle power source for extended usage.
Can I replace the battery in my unit?
Do not attempt to disassemble or replace the battery on your own as it could damage the system’s waterproof ability. If the unit doesn't hold a charge, try charging for at least 4 hours, or use a different charger. Contact support if needed.
The unit doesn't seem to be charging or the battery doesn’t last as long as it should
Plug the unit into the charger for at least 4 hours. If this doesn't work, try a different charger and cable. Contact support for further assistance. Do not attempt to disassemble the unit as it may lose its waterproof properties.
How do I make sure that my unit's battery lasts as long as possible?
Avoid leaving the unit unused or in storage for more than 3 months without charging. Charge the unit at least once every 3 months for 4 hours.
Which mobile app do I need to download?
Download the Cardo Connect app for unit configuration, remote control operation, and software updates.
Does the SPIRIT line connect to other generation Cardo units (Packtalk, Freecom, G, Q)?
Yes, SPIRIT units connect to all Cardo units via universal Bluetooth. Use standard Bluetooth pairing for Freecom+ and Packtalk units. For G and Q units, initiate phone pairing mode before pairing.
How to pair to a non-Cardo headset using universal connectivity
To pair with a non-Cardo headset: 1) Start intercom pairing on your unit. 2) On the other unit, start mobile phone pairing. 3) Wait for the pairing to complete.
Can I listen to music and be part of the intercom at the same time?
Yes, intercom and music streaming can be active simultaneously. The music volume will automatically lower during intercom communication.
Something stopped working on my SPIRIT unit. What should I do?
To reset the unit to factory settings: 1) Press the Intercom/Mobile + Volume up + Volume down buttons together until the LED flashes purple and the unit turns off. 2) Turn the unit back on.
Why can't I get the full range of Intercom out of my unit?
The range stated in the product description is tested under optimal conditions. Obstacles like mountains, trees, or powerlines can affect the actual range performance.
Are there limitations in using music sharing feature?
Music sharing is possible between FREECOM x and SPIRIT units but not with other generations of Cardo units.
Is it possible to use it with my own earbuds/speakers?
You can use your own earbuds or aftermarket speakers with your unit via the 3.5mm Jack port.
Do I need a phone to operate my unit?
Intercom and radio features are independent of a phone. A phone is needed only for music streaming and calls.
How can I get more range of intercom out of my unit?
The maximum range is based on optimal conditions. Actual performance can vary due to obstacles like ridges, trees, buildings, and wireless interferences.
How can I get ROHS-COC Certificate
Download the ROHS-COC Certificate from here.
How can I get Spirit Declaration of Compliance
Download the Spirit Declaration of Compliance from here.
Can I share music with any other Cardo unit?
Music sharing is possible with Cardo units from the same generation. It is not compatible with units from previous generations.
How should I charge my battery in a safe and efficient manner?
Charge your battery from a wall outlet using a specific AC/DC adapter. Do not tamper with the battery. Avoid charging in extreme temperatures.
How will it connect with Sena units?
Your device can communicate with Sena units directly via standard Bluetooth intercom. Pairing is similar to devices of the same brand. Music sharing between different brands is not supported.
Will it pair with any other Bluetooth intercom?
Yes, it pairs with any other Bluetooth communication system. For pairing with non-Cardo headsets: start intercom pairing on your unit and mobile phone pairing on the other unit.