Freecom 2x/4x/Spirit/Spirit HD Release Notes

Release notes 3.10

우리는 당신의 언어를 말합니다!
If you managed to read this, you'll be happy to learn that your unit now supports Korean.
Please note: This version of Cardo Connect App requires iOS 15 or later and Android 9 or later.

Previous release notes

Release notes 3.2

Love Bluetooth brands that don’t talk to each other? Neither do we! That’s why the following release is one we are extremely proud of. On top of your current OBi connectivity, your device can now also seamlessly communicate with the latest generation Senas, directly via the standard Bluetooth intercom.

  • Forget the hassle of using Bluetooth devices of different brands. The experience will be as seamless as connecting and communicating between two devices of the same brand and won’t require universal pairing on either side. Just pair, connect, and go.
  • Eat the cake and keep it whole! No more sacrificing the mobile connection channels, you will keep the ability to receive phone calls, and navigation instructions and listen to music or FM on either side (parallel audio is based on the support of specific models).
  • Please note that, just as music sharing is not supported between two different generations of Cardo products, it won’t be possible to share music between different brands.

Click here to watch the tutorial.

Release Notes 3.1

  • Critical bug fix for smartphones running Android 13 (Tiramisu)
  • If your Android 13 smartphone has issues connecting your Cardo Communicator with the Cardo Connect mobile app, this release is for you! The 3.1 release fixes these connection issues, but in order to download it to your phone, you’ll need to choose one of the following two methods to update your unit.

Method 1 – via a non-Android 13 phone

  1. Pair your unit to an iPhone or a non-Android 13 phone
  2. Download and install Cardo Connect mobile app
  3. Activate the app and follow the on-screen instructions

Method 2- via a laptop/desktop connection

  1. connect a USB type C cable (such as the one that was supplied in the box) to a desktop or a laptop running Windows or macOS
  2. Click here and follow the instructions

Release Notes 3.0

The below notes refer to users of FREECOM 4x, FREECOM 2x, SPIRIT HD and SPIRIT.

  • Your unit now supports Open Bluetooth Intercom (Obi) – a new cross-industry standard allowing supported units from Cardo, Midland, and UClear to communicate seamlessly with one another. OBi will be activated automatically when paired to a supported device. No further toggling is needed.
  • For non-OBi units, your unit can now integrate with any other Bluetooth brand more seamlessly. All you need to do is to pair your unit in Bluetooth mode like you would do to any other Cardo Unit. The other branded unit will pair through its own “universal pairing” channel. No more choosing between pairing to a non-Cardo unit or keeping your phone connection.
  • Love leaving voice messages on your messaging app? WeChat, WhatsApp & Skype voice messages will now stream into your device more fluidly
  • For our Spanish-speaking audience we say, “Hola Amigos!” We have resolved the issue of the system performing an unwanted “Redial Number” during an intercom chat.
  • Two-way radio users (Professionals and first intervention units) the new software version will now allow integrating two-way radio input into an active mobile call. Function needs to be activated via the CardoConnect app setting screen.
  • As always, we added some bug fixes. Essentially, it’s like adjusting your chain but without the injured fingers and messy grease stains.

Release Notes 2.2

  • Freecom 4x users will now be able to enjoy new and improved Natural Voice Operation performance, on par with Packtalk Edge.
  • We improved music and intercom audio mixing – like a recalibration of your brakes but with better sound! For more information refer to Cardo Connect app 5.7 release notes.
  • Added the option to switch between left and right speakers
  • Resolved issue of low volume of incoming call ringtone
  • Better TFT connection as follows:
    • Hey Siri now works seamlessly in KTM TFTs as well as in selected TFTs by other manufacturers.
    • Resolved issue with phone call audio when connected to Ducati TFT as well as in selected TFTs by other manufacturers.
    • Resolved Pairing issue when connected connected to Ducati TFT as well as in selected TFTs by other manufacturers.
    • Resolved Music playing issue when connected to Ducati TFT as well as in selected TFTs by other manufacturers.
  • No software improvement is complete without some bug removals. Your visor should now be clean an good to go.