Packtalk Black Release Notes

Release notes 5.11

We recalibrated the volume roller and made sure it does exactly what you want it to do. It’s like an engine tune but with better sound.

For our Spanish-speaking riders, we say “Hola Amigos”, your Spanish natural voice engine has been improved.

Release notes 5.10

  • Mute Mic: We understand some PACKTALK riders don’t like loud pipes or listening to others blasting their stereo.  From now on, you can mute your microphone while on Dynamic Mesh Communication mode. Check our YouTube or your product’s online pocket guide for instructions.
  • Siri Improvement: For all iPhone users, we’ve cleaned off some bugs that interrupted Siri, to make activation smoother.

Release notes 5.7

  • We’ve caught some Bugs on our visor and had them cleaned off.

Release notes 5.6

  • Share music with your passenger in DMC mode! Just make sure to pair your passenger in Bluetooth, then in DMC (and pick a playlist worth sharing), and you’re good to ride.
  • Riding in Bluetooth mode? Now all mobile phone platforms can enjoy a premium DMC feature- listening to music or navigation while talking through your Bluetooth intercom. Go update your Cardo Connect app and activate ‘Audio Mixing’ in the ‘Audio Settings’.
  • The world’s best communicator is even more robust with improvements to the DMC intercom’s razor-sharp connectivity. How sharp? Supermoto cornering sharp.
  • We’ve caught some Bugs on our visor and had them cleaned off.
  • View video on PACKTALK firmware update V5.6