Cardo Packtalk Bold vs. Slim

Cardo Packtalk Bold vs. Slim

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Cardo Packtalk Bold vs. Cardo Packtalk Slim

Both products offer excellent helmet communication, but they differ in the following ways:


Let’s start with aesthetics, as this is the first thing you’re bound to notice after opening the package. The Cardo Packtalk Bold looks slightly different than the Slim. As you might’ve guessed, the Slim version is slightly thinner than the Bold. 

The Bold is 49mm x 91mm x 25mm (H x L x D), weighing 57gm, while the Slim measures 38mm x 69mm x 6.5mm, weighing 76gm. Both items use JBL speakers, which measure 40mm in diameter and 9.2mm in depth.


Both items offer plenty of working time. Expect to get about 13 hours of continuous listening out of both the Bold and Slim Packtalks. They both come with cables in the box that you can use to charge while driving for even more listening time. They both take about four hours to fully charge. 

The main difference between the two is where the battery is located. The Slim is much thinner than the Bold because the battery is in the back of the helmet near your neck. It comes with a skirt that you use to clamp it to the side of the system. The Bold keeps the battery integrated with the rest of the system, so there’s no clamping required. 

Ease of Use

The Bold comes with three buttons on the front, including a media button, an intercom button, and a telephone button as well as a control wheel in the back for adjusting the volume. 

The Slim comes with the same three buttons on the front as well as up and down arrows for controlling the volume, thus replacing the control wheel in the back. 

Other than that, both devices work the same way. Some people prefer using the up and down buttons to control the volume, but it depends on your personal preference. They are both easy to use and include voice activation. Just say, “Hey, Cardo,” and the system will recognize your voice.

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Most rider prefer to attach these items using an audio clamp kit, which clips the system to the helmet. However, the Bold is the only option that comes with a glue plate. You can always purchase the Slim and order a glue plate separately if you’d rather not use a clip. 

Both options are also waterproof for added durability.

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Helmet Compatibility

Both items are compatible with most modern helmets. Search for your specific make and model to make sure the system is compatible. Check out this video for helmet compatibility. If you don’t see your helmet listed, it may still be compatible with both the Slim and Bold. Contact Cardo Systems to confirm.

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Both devices use Bluetooth 4.1 and let you talk to up to four other riders at the same time. If you decide to add the DMC Mesh intercom, you can connect to up to 15 other riders.

The Bold gets slightly better range, usually up to 1 mile or 1.6km in perfect conditions while using DMC, compared to the Slim’s 0.8 mile or 1.2km in perfect conditions.

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If you use the DMC Mesh with a group of riders, you boost your range up to 8km or 5 miles on both devices. 

As you can see, these devices are nearly indistinguishable from each other except for a few minor differences. Shop for a Bluetooth motorcycle headset on Cardo to stay safe on the road.