Do Motorcycle Helmets Expire? When to Replace your Motorcycle Helmet

Do Motorcycle Helmets Expire? When to Replace your Motorcycle Helmet

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What the Experts Say?

The consensus from helmet manufacturers is that the rider should replace their helmets every five years. That may seem like a lot, depending on how often you ride.

This rule mostly applies to riders that hit the road every day. Riding for hours on end will only cause your helmet to degrade that much faster. Sweat, the sun, and other environmental factors can damage your helmet over time. If the helmet is cheaply made, the chin strap and inner padding may start to disintegrate after a few years.

If you are an avid rider or are wearing a used helmet, check the manufacturer’s date to see when the helmet was made. If it’s older than fiver years, continue using it at your own risk.

Remember that your helmet is your first line of defense if you get into an accident. You should always use a Bluetooth motorcycle headset when riding in case of an emergency, so you can contact the authorities or your loved ones for help.

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However, you might not have to replace your helmet that often if you’re more of a weekend rider. It’s always best to store your helmet in a dry, room temperature location. This will help your helmet last as long as possible.

Be sure to inspect your helmet regularly to make sure all the components are still intact.

When to Replace Your Motorcycle Helmet

As your helmet continues to age, you need to watch out for warning signs that it needs to be replaced, especially if it’s older than five years.

Inspect the following parts every time you ride:

Chin Strap

Your helmet should always fit comfortably on your head. The chin strap allows you to lock the helmet into place, so it won’t move out of place if you get into an accident. If this material starts to fray or come apart, you should replace the strap right away or buy a new helmet all together. The strap may also loosen over time, so make sure it fits properly before hitting the road.

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Inner Padding

The inner padding or comfort liner is there to cushion your head against the hard interior. These pads are usually one of the first things to go. Excess sweat and moisture will start to wear away at the glue that holds the pads to the rest of the helmet. Cheaper foam inserts can fall apart after just a few months.

If you use Bluetooth motorcycle speakers, make sure they stay clipped to the helmet without sliding off.

Don’t try riding a motorcycle with a helmet with missing pads. This will make the ride more uncomfortable. It will also make the impact that much more painful if you get into an accident.

You can always try replacing the foam by taking it to a helmet manufacturer or bike shop if you’re not ready to replace your helmet.

Old Helmet? Use Bluetooth Motorcycle Headset to Be Safe

Outer Shell

The outer shell is the most important part of the helmet. Most helmets are made with fiberglass, carbon fiber, Kevlar, and ABS and polycarbonate. Studies show these materials will degrade naturally when exposed to UV sunlight for long periods of time. Manufacturers add a stabilizer that can help reduce this effect, but the sun will continue to damage the exterior.

Look over the outer shell to see if the colors have faded. Some materials will turn a dull yellowish color. This is a sign the sun is starting to have an effect. You should also watch out for cracks, fractures, and other signs of structural problems.

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If you have been in an accident and the helmet collided into another object, it’s best to replace the helmet right away.

You can never be too careful when using an old helmet. It’s always better to replace them instead of hoping for the best. Regardless of what type of helmet you choose, find a Bluetooth motorcycle helmet headset that fits your make and model.