How Was Bluetooth Invented? Everything You Need to Know

How Was Bluetooth Invented? Everything You Need to Know

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Just about everyone in the world knows what Bluetooth is. Whether you have been using Bluetooth since the days of ringtone sharing, or if you are newly adapted to using Bluetooth in your Cardo helmet communication, you understand the convenience this technology provides for connectivity.

Three main Bluetooth basics that most of us already know (plus one fun fact most of us don’t know):

1. The main use of Bluetooth is for audio- music and voice calls with no need for a wired headset.

2. The second biggest use is for wireless interface with control components, such as a keyboard, mouse or remote control.

3. Less used today, Bluetooth is also capable of data downloading and transferring (those old ringtones).

4. Bluetooth is named after a 10th-century Danish king named Harald Blatand, which translates to Harald Bluetooth in English. He is known for uniting factions within Scandinavia, much like modern Bluetooth unites separate devices and allows collaboration between different industries.

How Cardo utilizes it?

The first consumer Bluetooth device launched in 1999 (BT 1.0), and by 2003 we developed our first Bluetooth enabled headset (BT1.2). The next year, Cardo’s pioneer motorcycle communication solution was launched with BT 2.0, which paved the road to the Cardo Systems you know and love today.

We first created a sophisticated audio infrastructure that is suitable for a motorcycle helmet that can handle the harsh noisy environment on the road and is able to make the connection between the rider and their music and calls.

Our second innovation is intercom communication between riders, allowing them to talk and hear each other at the same time up to 1 km.

Third innovation: Sharing between the riders- voice call sharing, on a telephone call, and share music via Bluetooth.

The fourth innovation is 4-way rider communication via Bluetooth.

Main limitations

While Bluetooth has amazing features, it does have its downfalls as well. The main issue is the number of devices that can connect and work in parallel. For example- if you connect with the phone, then intercom, and then navigation, the connection is weaker when working altogether. (Which is why Cardo developed Mesh Technology which you know as DMC ?).