Harley-Davidson Case Study

Harley-Davidson Case Study

History and innovation combine with Harley-Davidson PACKTALK and FREECOMx launch.
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History and innovation combine with Harley-Davidson PACKTALK and FREECOMx launch


 Iconic global motorcycle brand, Harley-Davidson, was looking to launch a line-up of communication devices to complement its MY2024 new motorcycle platform reveal and add to its already established, and extensive, line-up of Parts and Accessories. With P&A accounting for nearly a quarter of its business, there’s no room for unsought products.

 It was important too for Harley-Davidson to work with a brand with the same ethos of quality and commitment to the pursuit of the ultimate riding experience.

 Products used





 A range of special-edition products was developed using Cardo’s tried and tested platform resulting in a range of three exclusive products: Harley-Davidson PACKTALK EDGE, Harley-Davidson FREECOM4x and Harley-Davidson FREECOM2x. All of the devices feature a sleek black finish and the iconic Harley-Davidson logo on the side. The line-up including both Bluetooth and mesh connectivity options allows customers to choose based on their needs and budget.

 By utilising Cardo’s extensive knowledge and experience within the wireless communication device industry, Harley-Davidson can make exceptional products available to its devout customer base easily and effectively.

 All units are available from Harley-Davidson’s website and the 1500 dealerships across the globe. The flagship in the range of co-branded communicators, the Harley-Davidson PACKTALK EDGE is also included with the purchase of brand-new 2024 CVO Road Glide and Street Glide models. This choice echoes the positioning of the EDGE as a premium choice as the starting price for the CVO Road Glide and CVO Street Glide at nearly £40,000.


 A full training program was implemented with key members of the Harley-Davidson team as well as the production of presentations and videos in multiple languages so that knowledge can easily be shared throughout the 6500 employees of the brand and beyond.

 Cardo Systems produced an entire suite of marketing materials for usage by Harley-Davidson including 3D installation videos, an information booklet, a datasheet and a raft of social media and website designs. A dedicated Harley-Davidson app skin was also created for use by H-D device users within the Cardo Connect App to continue the branded experience that their customers expect.

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